Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Quickie: Lunch with GFJ

Even though GFJ was still getting over a cold, we decided to meet after her second set of tests for GI Tract problems, as I knew she'd be famished when done.  Of course, this would be a day spent en-homme, as I didn't feel like getting dressed as Mario to see her, then changing into Marian without a plan for the rest of the day.

Things would have been simple, had both of us gotten enough rest the night before. GFJ got her usual 3 hours of sleep, while I didn't get to sleep until 5 or 6 am or so. For me, getting by on 3 hours of sleep is something I can't do anymore. And when I woke up, I stayed semi conscious until 10 am, when I ran into the shower to get ready for the day.

When I started driving up to Poughkeepsie, I figured that I'd trail GFJ by 30 minutes to the diner.  Instead, I pulled in a few seconds after she did. And she didn't notice me when I parked next to her on her right. So, when I said "BOO!", she was a little (but pleasantly) shocked.

Lunch was nice, especially with GFJ gradually expanding the list of things she can eat. It'll take a while for her to figure out what foods are causing her problems. But I know that she doesn't want to deal with a two stage operation to cure the underlying problem - I'd hate to need an "ostomy bag" even for a short time. Until she figures out which foods are causing her problems, she is avoiding gluten and dairy while she gradually reintroduces foods back into her diet.

After lunch, we drove to the cell phone repair shop, where both of us were confused about what the fellow was saying.  Was the phone on its way back from California? Or, was he waiting on information from California?  Either way, I didn't get my phone back, and it will be another week before I can claim it from the shop.

Sadly, we had to part.  I was starting to fall out and needed a nap, while she had to kill some time before going to physical therapy. So I went somewhere secluded and napped for an hour before driving home. And then I napped even more, as I was really tired.  

What a quiet day!


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