Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Monday, Monday.... and I wish it were Wednesday already.

Today was going to be a busy day. Not only did I have to reschedule an appointment with the Department of Labor due to a conflict with Jury Duty, but I had to pick up my second cell phone from the shop in Poughkeepsie.  If you think I was having a busy day, GFJ had to empty her car out of the stuff she knows she'll need, have her car towed to Kingston, and then get a rental - which will be sitting in her garage during tomorrow's snow storm.

- - - - - -

This was not an easy day to get moving.  I had fallen asleep the night before, as soon as I got home from Long Island. (I had visited the Museum of Food and Drink in Brooklyn, then visited both the family homestead and my father in his nursing home, and it was a long day.) After 3 hours of sleep, I was awake for another 4-5 before falling out again.  In short, I didn't sleep well, and I was feeling it.

Before getting moving, I called the department of labor and rescheduled what I expect to be my last appointment with them. Once I mentioned Jury Duty to the receptionist, the lady had to look at her "cookbook" to figure out what to do about me.  Hopefully, after she set my appointment to this Thursday that all will be right with my last 2 or 3 unemployment insurance payments.

- - - - - -

I got dressed (as Mario) and out the door I went.  It was off to Poughkeepsie for shopping (which I didn't find what I wanted - mail order will help me make do), and then to the repair shop.  For the life of this man, he (and his crew in California) coudn't fix the phone. He offered me a partial refund (I know I could have gotten more) which I accepted, and then I went to Walmart to pick up a new phone for my "Marian" line.

After a minor glitch in the sales process (which I found out when trying to activate the phone) that cause me to return to Walmart for a phone exchange, I was able to transfer service to the new phone - AND finally send messages and make phone calls to people who know me only as Marian.

At this point, I sent some messages to RO and YGWM to say that I was still alive and to see how they were doing.  Hopefully, we'll be able to catch up with each other soon.  But with tomorrow's storm coming, it'll be after shoveling out at least 18" of snow....

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