Sunday, March 26, 2017

Looking for a pair of shoes I thought I had

A simple shoe. Why do my feet have to be one size larger than most shoes available to me?

- - - - - -

The other day, I committed myself to attending a Spring dinner dance over at the GLBT Center. Although I'm not normally the type of person who attends these kinds of affairs, I had nothing better to do, with GFJ being elsewhere and not being a factor in my decisions. So I figured that I'd attend this event, and be able to occupy my time.

There was one problem that had to be dealt with: finding a pair of heels. Although I know I have a pair or two in my closet, I couldn't find them. And they seem to be sold out at the Avenue until next season, making it impossible to buy an inexpensive pair on closeout. (AARGH!)  At least I did find 2 pairs I can use in a pinch. (And that word "Pinch" has both meanings here.)

- - - - - -

Since I didn't really want to get dressed and undressed twice (once to go out, and then once for the dance), I figured that I could take some time and clean up some of the mess in the apartment. Over the past few weeks, I have not taken the time I need to rein in the mess. And today looked like a good day to do so. But by the time I had to start getting ready to go out, I had wasted this opportunity - again.

Just as I was going out, I got a call from GFJ. I have a feeling that she didn't want me on the road for a conversation she wanted to have, so our chat was mostly about pleasantries. She mentioned that she had dinner with a couple of her friends for St. Patty's Day, and I mentioned that I would have liked to met those friends. And she said you may someday.  (That could be taken in many ways, and I don't want to read anything into this right now.) Our chat lasted the better part of a half hour, when she had to sign off because she was getting tired. (Given her erratic sleep patterns, I can understand this.) So we bid each other adieu, and I went into the GLBT Center's Springfest.

- - - - - -

I was wearing the above dress to the dance, and as soon as I got in, I realized that I was overdressed. I had also thought that this would be the perfect time to break out the new breast forms and wig that I had bought some months ago, and if I had known I was overdressed would have saved them for a more special occasion. Even with this, I got compliments on both the dress and on my hair from several people. (Pat mentioned both the dress and my wig, while others mentioned my dress.) No one ever said how good I looked as a male. It's nice to be able to receive them as a female. I may not be anywhere near a "10" on anyone's charts, but it's nice to be accepted by women as a peer and treated as one.

While at the dance, Pat (my former hypnotist) and I had the same complaint - the 'vibe" was off. She thought it was too suburban, but I thought it was something else. The music being played was that which would have been appropriate in a 1980's disco, and not appropriate while people were eating dinner. So both of us decided to leave early.  But before I left, a F2M Transgender fellow came over and thanked me (WOW!) for being an inspiration to him. If they had played a slow dance, I would have wanted him to hold me and lead me across the dance floor. (Heck, both of us were born with the wrong plumbing. Why shouldn't the two of us enjoy a nice dance, even though that's where things would end?)

When I got home, I took off the dress above and got into something less dressy for being out and about on a Saturday night without a date. (I don't have a picture of this dress to show you.)  Since I had a little time, I fleshed out most of this entry before going out again. And when I did go out, I got on the phone with Pat to discuss our feelings about the GLBT Center party. Both of us noticed that no one was having any real conversations - the music was way too loud to hear someone speak from across a table. We were both disappointed, and I think that she'd agree it was a waste of time for us to have been there.

Since I had time to kill before the movie, I went to the K-Mart around the block (it is almost that close) from the theater to pick up some things. One of those things was an inexpensive set of curlers that I can use to try to give one of my old wigs the style my new wig currently has. I obviously took a little too much time, as I got to the movie just as the trailers ended. So I quickly paid my admission and sat down to see "The Last Word" with Shirley MacLane. If you have the chance to see this film - do so. It's not exciting, but it is well acted.

On that note, I'll close out this entry. There are things I could add, but they'd seem like fluff to stretch things out. And I'm too tired for that now. 

- - - - - -

PS: I found the shoes I had originally been looking for under my desk - right after I placed the order for a new set of pumps from Amazon. 




  1. That is a great dress and I think that our entire look came together nicely for the event. The dress, hair and makeup all worked well.

    1. And it's hard to believe that I wasn't going to buy this dress.

      The picture of the dress is an old one. But I look the same way now as I did when the picture was taken, and I like the way it makes me feel.