Saturday, March 11, 2017

I hugged a girl tonight and I liked it.

The picture may be old, the story is new, and there is nothing illicit or unbecoming about it.  Women hug as a form of affection.

- - - - - -

There were two things on my calendar for today, and I knew that I'd have to answer for one of them.  Having my volunteer session scheduled for Thursdays at the GLBT center has not been easy for me this time around. It is much harder for me to get moving these days, as 3 years (minus 7 months) of inactivity has taken a toll on me. So I've often pushed this effort to Fridays. Given that I had dinner with the girls scheduled for the evening, I didn't have to run back and forth between Upper Westchester and Lower Westchester at 2 different times of the day.

I planned to get out on the road shortly after lunch, as I didn't want to spend money on two meals outside the house. Arriving at the GLBT Center around 2:30, I was tasked to fix a couple of things on their web site. One of them was to figure out why a calendar was not being populated from data maintained on the site. (Later, tech support told us that it only fills in the first 20 items in an external calendar - this indicated a problem with the GLBT center's customization that I was not in a position to fix.) Another was to add several images to a slideshow carousel - taking care of this wasn't intuitive, and I had to read some CSS code to figure things out. The third task was similar to the slideshow carousel. But I couldn't find the CSS that controlled this set of images, and had to pass this back to the center's director for their staff to deal with on Monday.  (They are making the same mistake they made with their old site - there is no documentation on what they did, and future administrators will need to replace the site when it can no longer be maintained properly.)

- - - - - -

Around 5:00, I left the center and oozed my way to Yonkers. My plans were to go to Barnes and Noble, do some reading, take advantage of the rest room, and kill about an hour of time before driving the 10 minutes to the night's meetup. Just as I parked the car, GFJ decided to call.  She was coughing a bit, having come down with a cold, telling me that New York State had just screwed her little business. It seems that NYS has starting a new program of providing free Lead tests, and sending the samples directly to the same lab that GFJ was using for her business. (If she was having a hard time making money before, you can imagine the hit she'll take as people find out about New York's latest taxpayer funded program.) After 30 minutes, I was ready to burst. We ended our chat, and I took care of business. But I still had 30 minutes to kill, so I picked up a book and ordered a beverage to occupy my time.

Once done with my drink, I put down the book, went to the car, and drove to the restaurant where the meetup was being held. There were 10 ladies there (including myself), with 3 newbies to the group. HWB and FFGF were there, and it was nice to see them again. Since one of the new women was sitting next to me, it was only natural that we got into some chats. She is unhappy with the education her son is getting, and is blaming it on "Common Core". Many people are unhappy with CC, and blame this development for their children not being able to perform well. Although I do not have kids, I see problems with CC, as its implementation doesn't provide teachers and schools with enough flexibility to educate children well.

There was one new group member that I didn't have the chance to speak with over dinner. (I'll call her FFGK for now.) She was so impressed with the group, that she will be there the next time we meet. FFGK and I started our chat as everyone was leaving the restaurant, and we must have chatted for at least 30+ minutes. We clicked as two long lost girlfriends would, having complimentary experiences and interests. I made her laugh a bit, and she said that I made her day.  We hugged before leaving the restaurant then walked to our cars, and left the restaurant.

It'll be nice seeing my new friend again....

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