Friday, March 24, 2017

Gaming again

It's been two weeks since I was last at game night, and it may be even longer until next time due to my upcoming Jury Duty. But I needed to get away from it all tonight, and occupy my mind with something else other than surfing the web.

- - - - - -

The first thing on my docket was to visit the Department of Labor and chat with someone regarding my job search.  This required my presence in Mario Mode, so I dressed accordingly. When I arrived, the receptionist mentioned that this kind of interview was usually only given on Fridays (why she said that, I'll never know), and had me waiting until one person was free.

My guess that the reason for this interview was to see if there was any assistance that could be given to me on my way out of unemployment insurance coverage. I had a friendly chat with this woman, and made sure that she checked me in for meeting attendance, so that I would not lose the remaining 2 weeks of Unemployment Insurance coverage.

- - - - - -

After my short visit to Peekskill, I went home and changed into Marian.  Unlike most days, I changed into my usual dress, but was wearing snow boots.  Given that I had to step into a snow bank in order to pay for my parking at the Department of Labor, I didn't want to ruin any of my women's shoes by having to step in briny liquids on my way to where I was going.
Then it was off to the GLBT center for my weekly service.

On the way down to the GLBT Center, I called Pat. She asked me if I was going to the soiree (a dinner dance) being held this weekend, and I said yes. Her plans were to wear a tuxedo (who knows why she bought one) to the party, while I plan to wear a LBD.  If we get the chance to dance, I'll ask her to lead.

When I got to the GLBT Center, I was assigned tasks to clean up minor discrepancies in their new web site. Sometime over the weekend, they will be cutting over to this site, and they want the information there as clean as possible. Of course, they made many of the same mistakes they made with the old site (lack of documentation), but it's not my problem.

- - - - - -

Once done at the GLBT Center, I called YGM.  She will probably be living in Connecticut for a little over 15 months. But I know I'll have an open invite to visit her wherever she moves. Her husband is leaving the Army with a full pension, and they will be on tight money rations until both of them find jobs in the region.

I finished up with the call when I reached Yonkers, and killed about an hour or so with dinner at Panera Bread before going to play games. It was a smart of me to get there a little bit early, so that I could block one of their cars in the driveway, and not have to park a distance away. (Many spots were not yet plowed out, and the people who shoveled out their spots would get upset if their spots weren't waiting for them when they got home.)

Of course, I didn't win any games - but I did come closer than usual.  On the way home, I might have called GFJ in the past. But I'm not sure if I want to keep chatting with her if she's hesitant to be a girl friend again. Again, I'll see what moves she wants to make in regard to defining what we are or were and take it from there. But if she doesn't broach the topic soon (as we text chatted about last night), I will assume that it's over - and toss her pillow (she preferred one of hers to mine) in the trash. (It's only getting rid of unneeded clutter, and nothing more than that.) 

- - - - - -

One thing I know - I have the freedom to choose what I plan to do for the next weekend or two without worrying about maintaining a relationship. It's been a while since I could plan a weekend in advance for myself, and it's nice to be able to do so.

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