Thursday, March 23, 2017

Back to class

As I've previously mentioned, I'm taking a PMP exam prep course in NYC.  This is the entryway to the building where the class is held, and its exterior and lobby are well worth seeing if in the neighborhood.

- - - - - -

I find it amazing that GFJ wanted to talk with me the other day, after saying that she didn't want to talk for at least a couple of weeks. But I'm slowly getting used to not having her around (though I strongly miss her touch) on the weekend. I'm thinking of visiting people I normally wouldn't have the chance to visit because I now have my weekends free.

The other day, I had the pleasure of having a German dinner with the "Cat Lady" from Jersey. Yes, she runs on a little at the mouth, but I think the real deal breaker for me (at a very early moment) would be my allergy to long haired cats that developed after my last cat died. I am not yet ready to pursue a potential relationship, but the wisdom of not slamming doors may have worked for me.  This will be ill advised once I know someone is committed to me. But GFJ and I never stated what we wanted from our relationship, never stated what our long term goals were, and never dealt with the relationship as something other than one of convenience. So, unless GFJ and I have that long, hard conversation and come to an understanding agreeable to both of us, I have no guilt in seeing other women on a casual basis. With all of that being said, I am not yet ready to close the door on GFJ, because we get along so well. Sooner or later, we will need to have a hard conversation which will determine whether we are a real couple, or just friends.

- - - - - -

Getting my taxes done is always a headache for me, as I have to drive down to my tax preparer (a family friend) in Queens. If I had gotten out of the house early enough today, I'd have been able to drop off my paperwork AND still make it to my class on time.  Instead, I barely got to the train station on time to find a metered parking spot (not easy, when snow is plowed into many of them), pay for parking, and then my ticket before the train arrived. Luckily, the trains were running slow today, and it was several minutes late.

Patty and I had arranged to meet at Grand Central for a bite to eat. Unfortunately, she was caught on a delayed train, and got to the dining court as I was finishing my meal. (Given the choice, I'll skip Shake Shack's BBQ fries from now on - the melted cheese and BBQ sauce ruins the potatoes, and the only thing good I have to say for this dish was the crumbled bacon on top. But I digress....) Patty got her order, and we were able to chat for 45 minutes before walking over to class.

I should take good pictures of the lobby of the French Building while I attend class there, as it is a building I wouldn't mind working in if I had the chance.  As it stands, Patty and I will be there another 8 times - and I hope she is able to show pictures of this place to her husband.

After class, I walked her to the subway, and then got on the commuter train that would take me home. I then had a text exchange with GFJ, and one of the questions she asked was if Patty was with me on the train home. (I've mentioned that Patty lives in Queens several times over the past couple of years, so I expect that GFJ would remember this.)  And later on, she mentioned that we would have to have a conversation about staying over with me again. So I know that she hasn't ruled out a relationship yet. But what would her "must haves" be like?  I know I can't give up being Marian.  Therefore, to have a relationship, we'd have to find a happy medium - something which may or may not be possible.

- - - - - -

As I write this, I do not have anything booked for the weekend.  I have the option of going to the local GLBT Center's Spring Fling - and get in for free, as I am a volunteer. So I might do that on Saturday night. But I haven't seen YGM in ages, and may want to take a drive out to see her on Sunday.

Seeing YGM would be a treat. But I am thinking of coupling it with a night away from home, giving me the opportunity to use the hotel's pool (and wearing the swimsuit I bought for the cruise I never took), as well as going to the casino the next day. This is not a likely event, but one that is now possible given where I stand with GFJ.

I'll keep you informed on what I do.  For now, I'll be enjoying more time as Marian than I planned....

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