Monday, March 27, 2017

A visit to the Museum of Food and Drink (

The Museum of Food and Drink.  It's a nice place to visit on a weekend, but I'm not sure if it is worth the $14 entry fee. It is located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and it would be easy to reach by car if there were no traffic jams leading to the Kosciusko bridge. Sadly, that bridge (like many in the NYC area) is fouled up by construction work, and is a traffic jam at any hour of the day.

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Recently, I figured that I'd get to the museum by 4:15 pm or so and have more than enough time to visit this 5000 sq. ft. museum.  The current exhibition is "CHOW: Making the Chinese American Restaurant."  And it is interesting, because it explains how "Chinese" food came to be popular in America.

There were a lot of menus on display, showing the evolution from simple Chow Mein joints to the Chinese restaurants we know today.

But what interested me was a wall section which illustrated how certain Chinese specialties are derived from the use of a series of ingredients used in sauces:

I wish I could have gotten a much better photograph of this chart, as it gives the basics on how to make any "standard" Chinese sauce used in American Chinese restaurants.  Sadly, I'll have to look into a good cookbook and waste time, since it will likely not be laid out as well as this chart.

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Too bad that this machine wasn't working when I got there.  I could have gotten some very freshly baked fortune cookies.  As it was, I had more than my fill of cookies, and then had a sample of some sweet and sour pork cooked in the "lab".

Trust me, the pork was tasty and not overly sweet.  This lady used a recipe currently being used by one of New York's chefs, and they change dishes every month.

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Should you go?  It's a museum where you can see everything in less than an hour.  For $14, I've gotten better value in other places. Yet, there is something about this place that says: Visit me soon!

As for me - I'm waiting for the next exhibition.


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