Saturday, February 25, 2017

The next day....

After I finished writing yesterday's entry, I got a call from GFJ around 1:45 am.  Her mom was being sent home from the hospital, and she needed to talk a little.  When one has an almost 92 y/o mother in declining health, one needs another person with whom to vent and share one's fears.

This morning, when I woke up, I felt almost as stiff as the statue above. But I knew I had to get moving, if only because I had my volunteer stint to get to and a concert to go to with Vicki.  I'm glad that I was able to talk with GFJ last night. I only wish it had been about an hour earlier.

- - - - - -

My time at the GLBT center went well, even though I didn't have that much to do. There were some minor edits I had to make to the web page which I took care of.  And then I had problems with setting up a new category for the web page.  At that point, I didn't want to bollix up things more than I had done, so I took my leave - and left the site in a state where it could easily be repaired by someone with more experience with the platform.

Then it was time to come home.  I figured that it made sense to tell Vicki that she was to meet me a half hour earlier than we first planned, so that we had breathing room to get to Woodstock with enough time to have something to eat.  Even so, she was running late. And this put our scheduling at risk.

I made a call to Vicki, and she didn't realize that the concert was scheduled for tonight.  So we ended up being an hour late to leave, and barely had enough time to drive to Woodstock and get to our seats.  This meant that I'd grab a sandwich when we got gas (at Vicki's suggestion), so that my stomach wouldn't be growling during the concert. Vicki rarely travels the routes I often drive on, so I had to tell her how to get there.  Luckily, I could almost do this in my sleep, having done this trip with my late wife many a time. One thing is for certain - I'm glad that Maria couldn't make it for dinner.  She'd have been royally pissed if she drove to Woodstock to meet us, and then we couldn't make it.

- - - - - -

The concert started a little late, and we had good seats - but not comfortable seats.  The view from the back row was better than expected, as you can see in the picture below..

We were expecting that the concert would start at 8:00 pm, and end around 10:30 pm or so,  giving us time to walk next door to the Little Bear and have a late meal.  But the concert didn't end until 11:20 pm, and the restaurant closed its doors at 11:00 pm.  At this point, all Vicki wanted to do was to go home and crash in her own bed.

Vicki started driving down to Croton, and got pulled over by a State Trooper just outside of Kingston.  The trooper was very nice, telling Vicki that one of her tail lights was out. And the trooper didn't want to write up a ticket, letting us go on our merry way.  We took most of the same route back that we took to Woodstock, and got stopped again at Annsville Circle. So Vicki told the story to the state trooper down here, and was let off again.

By the time Vicki made it to my place, she was hungry, but knew she couldn't eat more than a piece of cheese. As for me, I ended up going to the local 24 hour diner to have a bite to eat.  Did I need it?  No. But I know I won't feel starved when I wake up in the morning.



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