Saturday, February 11, 2017

Taking it easy again.

My original plans for the day had me trekking down to NYC to see Ex-GF-M and find out what the career services area of the school that awarded me my Masters Degree could do for me.  However, this got fouled up, as she has a new boss and has not had her schedule under control.  So we rescheduled our lunch for next week, and I will be making an en-femme appearance this time.

What did I do with the extra time in my day?  Well, I didn't have to go anywhere until dinner time, when I had a scheduled dinner date with the FFGoW meetup group. So I ended up staying in my jammies all day, relaxing as much as possible.  You may be thinking, why did she phrase it that way?  And I had a simple answer.  Although I woke up at 8:00 am, I wasn't rested, and went back to sleep for a couple of hours - waking up at lunch time fully refreshed.

There are things I should have done but didn't, such as making sure that Pace confirms my attendance at the PMP prep course, and that a replacement credit card (for an account I rarely use) didn't get lost in the mail.  I'll take care of the former on Monday, as I'll need this letter to get into my class on Wednesday. And I'll take care of the latter tomorrow morning, as I can visit the bank and see someone in person. Instead of doing these things, I ended up being semi comatose during a viewing of "The Great Escape". 

Eventually 4:00 pm came around, and I started getting ready to go out as Marian. I was ready to go by 6:00 pm, and I got to the Chinese Restaurant a few minutes later than the other ladies. As usual, it was a friendly get together. But I will miss the next meeting of the group because of a conflict with the concert I'll be attending with Vicki.

Since dinner ended at 8:00 pm, I still had time to go shopping for a gift I'm giving to GFJ. And I found a neck and back massager at Kohl's for a reasonable price. So I bought it, and got this gift out of the way in the nick of time - even though GFJ said she's still feeling too sick to come down, I  have to be ready in case she's well enough to do so.  (She tends to get a nasty cold around this time of year.)

Could I be doing more?  Yes.  But without any pressing need, why?

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