Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Pat and the Non Profit - not necessarily in that order.

Today, I called Pat and found out that she had done some damage to her leg.  It seems as some muscle got pulled (for an unknown reason) and she needed to contact her doctor for advice.  Getting injured at any age is a bummer, but when you are 75+ years old, any injury can put you at risk of being crippled for life.

- - - - - -

As has been my "habit" as of late, I got up this morning before any of the alarms rang. This is very surprising to me, as I haven't been falling to sleep until 2:00am - 3:00am, and I have been waking up progressively earlier - today, around 7:45am.  So I figured that I'd get up and take care of things.

Around 10:00am, I started getting ready to go to NPW, and arrived there a few minutes late.  In fact, I entered the office just as they were about to call me, and we proceeded to get to business.  NPWJ realized that I needed some assistance in setting up the "copy" to be ported from the old web site to the new web site.  She also noticed that the old site didn't even have NPW's mission statement - so that will be added to the new site as soon as I receive marked up "copy".

- - - - - -

Around 2:30pm, I called Pat and she gave me the news about her injury.  I suggested that I visit, and she said "yes" - after she was done with her doctors. I killed some time at Barnes and Noble, then proceeded to Pat's place. She had to retrieve her crutches from the basement, and I helped her to the car.  We went to a nearby place where they make "Jerk" chicken, pork and other Caribbean specialties, and we picked up some take-out to eat back at her place.

We had a leisurely dinner, and then got into one of our long winded chats.  I won't go into Pat's political views again, but she was disturbed by what's going on in DC.  Too bad that she isn't pragmatic. For the most part, it was a pleasant conversation.  What was most interesting was a topic that came up shortly before I left: Being Transgender.  Fran came up, and I mentioned that I didn't want to be like her. I work hard to have a voice in the lower female register, and I try never to appear as if I'm a man in a dress.  Fran, on the other hand, looks and sounds like a man in a dress, as she doesn't bother to speak in a more feminine voice, nor does she consider rhinoplasty to give her face a more feminine appearance. We went a little further, and I said that if I started on hormones, I'd eventually want to get bottom surgery - something that Fran would never do.  Pat started getting a little confused at this point, and I noted that Fran is not the type of person who wants to blend in. So she makes choices that makes her stand out in almost all situations.

Sometimes, talk of bottom surgery forces the next topic to be addressed - SEX.  And it did this time. I noted that many of us transgenders give up on having sex once we transition. If I were to start medical transition, I know that I'd likely not have physical intimacy again with another human being. I noted that if I had bottom surgery, this cowgirl would like to ride a cowboy once - just to see how the equipment feels in use. Pat said that men have sex to better their reputations in the eyes of other men.  This may be true when a boy is in high school, but it is not the case for mature men. I then noted that I was always focused on the desires of the woman I was with, and then Pat noted that I was truly a woman in mind.  How true this is I can not say. But I am much more comfortable as a female than I am as a male, and wish there was an easy way to go 24x7 without all the potential sacrifices I'd have to make.

- - - - - -

One of the things I found on my email when I got home was a message from the school which was offering my PMP Certification prep course. 

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we need to postpone your upcoming PMP Exam Prep course. Unfortunately the instructor for the course is no longer available, we are working hard to assign a new instructor and update the schedule for the in-person offering of the course.

I will let you know as soon as we have finalized the new course details. If you are unable to attend the new schedule, you will be given a full refund for any payments you have made towards this course.
To me, the school may have not gotten enough people to register for the course - and wanted to postpone it until they had enough attendees.  I sent GFJ a copy of the email, and she started gently prodding me to find out whether another course was being offered elsewhere AND whether I could get the county to pay for that course as they were paying for this course.  I'd rather not open this can of worms. So I'll wait until the course if offered again, and let the school hold on to the money - and be sure that I am registered for the next time it is offered. (If there are problems, I can let the school and the county fight it out - as the school likely has the money and I already have a confirmation letter for the course that indicates I can attend when it is offered.)


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