Friday, February 24, 2017

Nothing but games

Today's entry will be a quick one.  After being up most of the night, I had little energy to get much of anything done. And, when I started doing some stuff for NPW, I ran over the time where I'd have to get ready for volunteer work at the GLBT center.  Instead of going to the GLBT center late, I decided to bail out on work there today, and go there tomorrow.

By the time I started getting dressed to go out, GFJ was driving to Newburgh to have dinner with the girls. Although one of them could have been the lady I corresponded with the other day, I wasn't worried as much as I would have been a couple of days ago. But I did have my concerns.

On GFJ's way down, she told me that her mom had some issues which gave her reason for concern. Her mom said that she couldn't remember her name, and that she had a splitting headache. Given that her mom's blood pressure needs to get under control again, we had cause for worry. Her mom made it down to her home's dining room before the nurses came to check her mom's blood pressure. So they waited until after dinner to check the blood pressure, and they called the ambulance to bring her mom to the hospital.  This meant that GFJ had to break away from her friends early, and drive to Danbury to be with her sister and her mom.

Of course, chatting with GFJ got in the way of me eating well (I grabbed a burger at Mickey D's, instead of sitting down to eat at Panera Bread.)  But I was able to make it to game night before any serious gaming started. This was the best part of my day, as I didn't have to hear any more bad news.

- - - - - - 

Since GFJ had planned to have her friends over for a winter party, my plans were to drive to her place on Saturday.  Instead, she was sending out emails to tell her friends that the party has been postponed again, and neither of us knew what she'd be doing this weekend or where she'd be. Hopefully, her mom will be feeling better by then, so that we can be together for a night or two.

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