Thursday, February 9, 2017

Maria. I just met a girl called...Maria

Normally, on a day that I had no pressing appointments, I would have gone out en-femme to meet my friend Maria as previously scheduled. However, I met her en-homme, as I had a later task I had to take care of - depositing over $550 in coins at my local bank, and then getting the Routing and Account numbers associated with this account, so that I could set the account up for money movements between my accounts at several banks.

I had thought I had set up the alarm to ring at 8:00 am. But it didn't (or I had slept through it). Instead, it was the 9:00 am alarm that awoke me, and I started to rush through Mario's morning routine so that I could meet Maria at 10:30 am.  And I was able to do so without much trouble.  If I had to have done Marian's prep routine for the day, I would have been at least 30 minutes late for breakfast.

Maria and I arrived at the diner at the same time (about 5-10 minutes late), and proceeded to chat about her husband (his drinking is becoming a potentially big problem), her daughter and grandson (the daughter is not acting responsibly in regard to caring for her son, and Maria wants to protect her grandson from potential harm), her issues with the lawyer she does occasional work for, my job search, and things in general. We never have enough time to talk, but I think that this is because Maria is a "busy bee" and needs to schedule more than enough things during the day to burn off her energy.  Before I left, I suggested that Maria meet Vicki and myself for dinner in Woodstock in a couple of weeks, so that the three of us could finally be in the same place at the same time.

Once done with Maria, I went to the bank and deposited my coins. The box these coins were in weighed a ton when filled, and I felt strained putting the canvas bag this box was in into the trunk of my car. When I got to the bank, I quickly took the bag to the teller's platform and placed it there before the current customer was done. (I didn't want to put a clean bag on a dirty floor.)  And then I backed away to give this woman some privacy. A minute later, I was served, and it took several minutes to sort and count all of the coin rolls I was depositing.

Eventually, I was done with the bank and went home.  I was too tired to go out again, and I really didn't care to do much.  WDJ would likely not be available.  Lili wanted more advance notice before getting together. (She wanted to be able to nibble on something when with me.)  And I was in the wrong frame of mind to see anyone else - especially if I had to change into Marian mode and go out again. So I got comfortable and relaxed for the rest of the day.

Tomorrow, I'll be going out again. And it will be a long day en-femme. So I might as well get my rest now, and be able to enjoy the day.


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