Tuesday, February 21, 2017

It all starts being a comedy after a while

GFJ stayed over last night, and the first thing that was on our list of things to do was get our cars out of the parking lot before the snow plows came to do minor cleanup.  Yesterday's storm left about 3.5 inches of the white stuff on our cars, and we were among the few that had not cleaned off our cars by the time the morning came.  So we got dressed early, cleaned off our cars, and then starting towards Wappinger's Falls.

On the way to pick up my phone, we went to the diner for breakfast.  Both of us were starving, and we would not have made it to the cell phone repair store before our stomachs started growling loudly.  Once done with breakfast, it was off to the repair shop, where I found out that my phone still wasn't ready.  It seems that while replacing the battery, the repairman screwed up my phone's speaker (he didn't admit it) and was ordering a new one to be ready on Wednesday.  AARGH!  I won't be able to make it up there again until this coming Saturday at best, so it'll be another week that Marian will not have a phone of her own.

Neither GFJ nor I wanted to waste a good drive, so we went to see "The Comedian". I'm not sure if you can call it a love story or a comedy.  But I can say that this movie was very entertaining, and that De Niro made me laugh with the scripted jokes. In fact, there is a tasteful bit of "potty" humor that I think will make many people laugh. But if I say too much, it will spoil the film. Hopefully, you will see this film before it is out of the theaters. There are many good gags in it, and yet it doesn't seem contrived.

Once done with the movies, it was back home to rest.  Reaching Garrison, there was a major detour away from Route 9.  It seems as if a tree took down some electric lines, and that they were sending people to either Route 9D or to the Taconic Parkway to proceed in a Southerly direction.  This added at least 30 minutes to the trip home.  But it did give us the chance to see a route we rarely take because it leads to the Route 6 "Goat Path" from the Bear Mountain Bridge to Peekskill.

Tomorrow, GFJ leaves for her mom's house, as she hasn't seen her mom for a while.  As for me, I might get the chance to spend some time in Marian Mode for a change.  I'll miss having GFJ around, but it'll be nice to get out and about again.

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