Friday, February 10, 2017

Cleaning up and donating stuff to charity

I've been trying to get rid of some stuff and eliminate clutter from my apartment.  So far, a lot of stuff has gone into the garbage pail, simply because I didn't care to try and find another home for it. Today, I figured that I'd bring a glass ice bucket, a crock pot, an under powered computer tablet and a desktop fan to the GLBT Center where they can sell it in their thrift store. If you were to see the apartment and my storage compartment downstairs, you'd say that this is only the tip of the iceberg - and you'd be right.

A while back, GFJ helped me clean out a corner of my bedroom, and it again is being used for storage.  This is why I've started to take a gradual approach of tossing out stuff that I no longer actively use, and donating the stuff I think others can put to gainful use. The tax deductions won't be worth that much, but if someone is helped by what I give away, then it's payment enough for me.

- - - - - -

Since my cleaning lady didn't come last week, I couldn't be sure if she'd come today.  So I could only stage one box load of stuff to carry into my car.  Once dressed as Marian, there was no way I'd want to work up a sweat, and no way I wanted to risk being here in Marian Mode if my cleaning lady arrived.  (The odds were that she wouldn't come today, as I remember her saying that she didn't have clients in Westchester scheduled for this week. But I still had to be prepared for any circumstance.) 

I got out of the house around 12:30 pm, and moseyed down to White Plains and the GLBT Center. And this week, I was assigned to update the new web site with two research studies and one job opening. This was a quick job, and I took my time in doing so. But it felt good to see that their site was almost ready, and that I helped a little in getting it there.

Next, I called Pat (the ex-hypnotist) to say hello.  I wasn't going to drop by unless two conditions (not on her) were met. First, I had to find a birthday present for GFJ at The Avenue in Yonkers. And then, I had to get in and out of Pat's place in time for me to make it to game night. Unfortunately, things weren't right for us to meet. So I went to Panera Breat to eat, and then to The Avenue to shop.

While at The Avenue, I struck up a conversation with the sales lady, P.  She's a short, friendly lady, originally from one of the "islands". (I won't say which one here.)  We get along well and have pleasant chats. So when she slipped up on her pronouns, I was comfortable telling her that I was trans - and our chat continued without missing a beat. There was a faux leather jacket there that I'd have bought if it were a smidgen larger. (I'd want a size 30 for that extra breathing room, but the largest size available was a size 28.  And I knew the item better than P, as I checked online for it a while back.)  It was a temptation to buy this jacket for GFJ, but I decided to think about it a little before making a final decision. At the price of $30, it's in my budget, and GFJ might actually like it.

- - - - - -

Once done shopping, it was off to game night. And I had a nice evening, even though my team won one of the games   It was purely luck. After the games, I sat down with one of our long term attendees, E, and had an interesting conversation about politics. (I was trying to get away from one of the newer attendees, N, who seems to want to know me better.  Does he know I'm trans?  Does he know I'm not interested in men?) And guess what? N came over and joined our conversation.  When N had to leave, he commented that he was amazed that E and I had such a deep background in history.  I guess they don't teach it as well as they did when I went to school.

Soon afterwards, I was on my way home.  I called GFJ, and she said that she was still feeling sick. (She texted me to tell me she had a nasty head cold today.) And it was a disappointment when she said that she wouldn't make it down tomorrow.  At least, it was only a minor disappointment, as I could now go to Chinese Food night with the FFGoW gals. Hopefully, GFJ will be able to make it down on Saturday, as I'd like to have a nice, long weekend with her....



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