Saturday, February 18, 2017

Catching up on things after the snow

Snowstorms are not a good time for any living creature to be outside, unless one is a polar bear.  I'll bet that this dog was very glad that the snow ended - if only to be able to take care of its bodily functions.

- - - - - -

Last night, virtually all of the people scheduled to go to game night took "rain checks" on being there.  There were no available spaces on the street, and the nearby roads were not that safe to drive on. So I was one of the smart ones, putting off my appearance until next week.

When I got up this morning, I was unsure if the cleaning lady would come. So I made sure to get my feminine stuff out of the way, so all she'd see would be what one might expect to see in Mario's apartment. (This was a fortunate choice, as she finally came today.)  And then, I went to Wappinger's Falls to pick up my old cell phone, now that a new battery has been installed.

- - - - - -

On the way up to Wappinger's Falls, I texted Vicki to see about what time I should meet her for our trip to Woodstock. Then, I texted to Maria that I needed a confirmation, so that we could reserve a table for dinner - and finally have the two of my friends meet.  Unfortunately, Maria sent the following response:

I don't think so. I don't drive in bad weather and I'm not risking it. Plus my car is older and I haven't been going too far. Plus hubby's truck just shorted out and burnt the alternator and starter on the truck when he was plowing yesterday

So I have to help him pay for that, so money wise I don't have it.  I'm not making excuses. I would love to, but I just can't. Sorry. Maybe in spring when weather is better, I can do so.

Maria's car is getting old, and her hubby has his issues.  Maria deserves better from a husband, but she has had to make trade-offs to have a stable relationship.  She doesn't complain about her life.  She just moves forward, attacking problems as she runs into them.

- - - - - -

Once I picked up my phone, it was back to my apartment.  And I was pleasantly surprised to find that the cleaning lady had finally made her appearance.  Now that I know her schedule for being in Westchester, I can more accurately predict when she'll be here if she misses a day due to bad weather or other reasons.

For the most part, I rested for the rest of the day.  Yes, I had to transfer information from my "old Marian" phone to my "new Marian" phone. But that's mostly busy work. I'm still at a point where I could do a factory reset on the phone, and reload everything I need. And I may still do that, if only to clean out all the junk that has accumulated in the two-three years since I bought it.

PS: I didn't do a factory reset on the phone.  Instead, I set up a second user, and cleaned out a lot of the old applications and messages I no longer needed.  This allowed me to save a lot of space, and allow the phone to work a little faster.

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