Tuesday, February 14, 2017

An arty day

This is a picture I took of my niece when we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She is a pretty young lady, and one who knows what she wants in life, but may not be that sure on how to get it. Hopefully, she will soon hit her stride, as I like it when smart ladies succeed. And this should be a good lead in for a day which I was scheduled to go to the monthly meeting of Arts Westchester.

- - - - - -

Like last month, there weren't that many events that called for our presence. Although there was one I could have volunteered for, I preferred to leave Friday open, so that I could have a night en-femme before GFJ comes over.  If possible, I'll try to get together with RO.  However, my time to have a relationship with her has probably passed, as she wants to have a second date with a fellow from Brooklyn.  But, I like the idea of having another female as a friend, as I want to build as large as possible a social network for Marian as I can.

After the Arts Westchester meeting, I ended up driving to have Chinese dinner with Lili near her place. Since she can't eat much, her plans were to order a soup for 2, eat a little, and then have the rest over the next few days as left overs.  I ended up ordering the General Tso's Shrimp, and had more than enough colossal shrimp to feed two normal sized people. Lili complained about her (possibly ex) boyfriend, and then encouraged me to start dating other women since she feels GFJ won't want to be with me after her divorce.  (I've always considered this a possibility, so I never gave her my full heart..  But I will miss her when/if she leaves me.)

- - - - - -

As you can guess, Lili's ideas about dating can ruin a perfectly good day. And she put a damper on my mood.  She worries so much about finding a person, that she doesn't know how to enjoy life without someone special in that life. For me, I want to enjoy life whether or not I have someone special in my life. Being transgender, I know that it becomes much more unlikely that I meet someone special the more I go out as Marian.  And I wish Lili wouldn't try to tell me how to manage my romantic life.  She doesn't understand my needs, and focuses too much on loneliness....



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