Sunday, February 26, 2017

A slow start to a Saturday for some

The local bank.  For many, it represents the financial connection between a person and the community at large. And yet, there are fewer of the small town banks like that in the image above, and more of the multi state behemoths that offer faceless service to the public at large. And today was the day that I dealt with a couple of long overdue dealings with two large banks.

- - - - - -

GFJ was supposed to come down early this afternoon, and missed her target due to oversleep. Whereas for me, I ended up rising early for a weekend day, and proceeded to finish moving money from a savings account paying little interest to the joint account I have with my brother to handle expenses related to the family homestead via a simple check deposit.  But this was not the first visit to the bank for the day. Instead, I visited another bank and asked about a credit card replacement that never came in the mail. After a bit of paperwork (more on their end, possibly to make sure there was no fraud involved by me), the new card was ordered, and I was told to expect it within 7 business days.

Once done with my banking duties, I drove home, had some lunch, and fell asleep for a few hours.  Around 4:00 pm, I called GFJ, and found out that she also ended up falling back to sleep.  So she said she was on the move, and would be here in a couple of hours.

- - - - - -

Strangely enough, I was a little glad not to have GFJ around. No, it's not because I didn't want her here.  No, it's not because I was in Marian Mode. But it was simply because I needed to relax, and didn't want to "entertain" someone when I didn't have much energy. I'm sure that when we're together, things will be different. But it's nice to have a quiet, slow start to a day now and then....

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