Sunday, January 1, 2017

There are many things that need to be done

This post is unusual for me.  I'm actually writing it to come out on New Year's Day, as if this were a list of some of the resolutions I'm making for 2017. But to do this, I'll probably post my Christmas entry early, and have that come out in mid week - breaking my usual one week lag time between the writing of an entry and the time it gets published.

- - - - - - 

I will admit that I haven't tried that hard to find work.  When one doesn't have the right skills for the current job market, one has to make some hard decisions. One of these decisions is whether I should retire early or not.  And I don't feel I'm ready to do just that.  So, in the new year, I will be making a more intensive effort to find work, instead of enjoying the idleness that has been like a drug to me for the past three months.

Given my level of (in)activity, I figure that I will finally resume using the health club that I've been spending money on for the past two years. It's not because I expect to lose any weight. Instead, I don't like how I'm feeling these days, and I don't want to end up like my father at an earlier age. And this brings me to the idea of dieting.  One of the worst things I've let happen to me is the consumption of "fast" food instead of "real" food. If I can get the worst of the processed foods out of my system, I will likely feel better and lose some weight at the same time.

- - - - - -

On the more pleasurable front, I will be looking into getting my ears pierced once my brother and I have finished work on the family homestead.  What I want to find are studs which are virtually unnoticeable, so that I can keep the holes open while in male mode while they heal.  Then, I can wear better jewelry with matching earrings once the holes have set.

Once Lili is ready, it looks like we will go on the cruise in April.  Yes, it will be expensive for me.  It'll be something I need to do, and would consider doing alone - albeit for a shorter period of time. However, I will contact organizations like the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund and the National Center for Transgender Equality for the latest information on interstate and cross border travel.  Unlike my last cruise, I'm not sure of what things will be like in the early days of a Trump administration. But I have my concerns about coming into contact with any level of government if things start getting as bad as I think they can get.

Then comes the PMP prep course. If all goes right, I'll get this certification and be able to parlay the certification into a job offer.  Will it be easy for me?  No.  But if this doesn't work out, I'll consider an idea posed by the hostess of game night - use my transgender nature as a way to justify my high experience and low price to potential employers.

- - - - - - 

My brother and I must finish work on the family homestead. Right now, we're waiting on the town to send us the permit needed for the plumber to finish his work.  Once he is done, then the contractor can come back and resume work. Once the kitchen cabinets are in place, we can have the kitchen/bath vendor install the kitchen sink and counter top, so that the contractor can finish work in that room.  This leaves us with bathroom work, plus the refinishing of the floors.  This is a lot of work, but it should have been done a couple of months ago.  (Gripe, Gripe, Gripe!)

As noted above, my decision to get pierced ears depends on this project.  Ideally, I'd be able to have these piercings done just before taking the PMP Prep course, so that I'll be able to remove the studs if I'm in a position to get an interview. One problem I'll have to deal with is that I'll be going to PMI networking meetings at least twice during this period. So I'll have to make sure that these piercings are as unnoticeable as possible,

Since my brother owes me money, I'm not too concerned about if I'll get money from him, but when I'll get that money.  When my dad decided to stop driving his car, he gave it to my brother, with the idea that my brother would give me my share in cash.  Unfortunately, he has been cash strapped lately, and has said that he'll pay me out of his share of rental proceeds from the family homestead. So I have more than one reason to prod my brother into getting the place rented out as soon as possible.

- - - - - -

While I have little to do at home, I figure that I should start cleaning out both my apartment and its downstairs storage compartment. Most of the stuff in the storage compartment has little value to others. But I still want to empty it, so that I can make space for me to store the stuff I really need to keep, instead of the stuff I've been keeping for years.  In the apartment itself, I have just accumulated way too much stuff, and it's time to declutter what I have.  Ideally, I'd like to use my dining room table for something other than storage again.

Later in the year, I know that I'll need to replace the air conditioner in the living room. But this is an optional thing to do, and depends on me finding work.  However, I don't need that much money to afford a replacement, and it would likely make it possible for me to invite people over to the house - something I haven't done in years, save for a few girlfriends.

- - - - - -

Before inviting people over, I still need to develop new friendships. If I'm not working, I'll likely want to develop my female friendships and spend more time out in the world as Marian.  But if I am working, I may want to resume some friendships, and have couples over to enjoy time with me (as Mario) and GFJ.

I'll never make the close friendships I had when younger.  As time passes, most of us have less and less shared experiences.  And it is the sharing of experiences which helps make a friendship a close one.  So I'll have to accept more "friendships of convenience" and recognize them as such.  This is not so bad, as long as one is honest about it.

- - - - - -

On the whole, I have a lot of things to take care of for the new year.  Hopefully, I'll make the time and effort to get the most important of these items off the list.


  1. One can use 30-50 pound mono-filiment fishing line to keep your holes open without having a stud showing. Just have the line flat with the outside of you earlobe and all should be fine.