Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Several days with GFJ

This weekend, GFJ was scheduled to come over on Saturday. This allowed me to have a Chinese dinner with the gals, and a restful sleep.

You might be asking why did I mention "Restful Sleep?"  Well, after 20 years of (mostly) sleeping alone, I am still not used to the feeling of again having my body intertwined with someone else's body. It takes time to get used to again.

- - - - - -

Instead of coming over on Saturday, GFJ arrived on Sunday afternoon - after the worst of the snow storm had ended, and when the roads had been cleared. We caught up on lost time being together, and made plans to go to the Bronx Botanical Garden. The train show was about to end and we thought that after reading their website that Monday would be the best day to visit.  Wrong!  The mobile website did not mention that on Monday, the place would be closed....

- - - - - -

Monday came, and we trekked to the Bronx, and made our attempt to visit the garden, only to be brushed away by a parking lot attendant.  So, what did we end up doing instead?  Since Arthur Avenue was nearby, we decided to see what was going on there.  Neither of us know the area that well, nor did we know the good places to eat.  We ended up getting some pastries (yummy) to go, and stopped into a local pizza joint - which was a big mistake.  The pizza was mediocre, and I wonder if the place had another business going on that only locals would know about.

Before I go too far, I must mention that neither of us bothered to wear our carpal tunnel wrist supports.  Both of us injured ourselves in similar ways (at different times), and are in different stages of the healing process.  I avoided wearing mine, as I had used it all night and wanted a daytime break.  She avoided wearing hers during the day, as it was a major headache to go to the bathroom and clean herself properly.  Until you see a female take care of this mundane task, you'd never think that an injured paw could cause such inconvenience to a person. Before you get any thoughts about GFJ, this knowledge comes via a weekend spent in the Poconos 15+ years ago with an ex girlfriend and a bathroom that had a full sized hot tub, a toilet, and a bidet all in view of each other.

Later on in the day, it was off to see some of GFJ's friends at a coffee shop in Cornwall, NY.  The objective was to play a few games of Scrabble, but I bowed out after the first game. The ladies are more social players than I am at this game, and my style of play could have been disruptive had I not started to kibitz.  On the way home, I chatted with Lili, and she mentioned that her new boyfriend lost his job. We both told her NOT to let him move in with her before we lost the phone signal in the hills near West Point.

- - - - - -

It took forever for GFJ and I to get moving on Tuesday.  Neither of us wanted to get out of bed, since it was so warm and comfortable. But we eventually got moving, and left for the Bronx Botanical Garden and its yearly train show.

This time, there were people in the parking lot, and we paid our admission to get in.  The first thing I noticed was the three decorated trees we saw walking over to the conservatory building.

It was a nice way to begin our walk through the complex.  Once inside the conservatory building, we encountered the first exhibit.  Albeit, this was a plug for one of the sponsors of the show.

Then, it was off to the main exhibition.  And this is what most people come to see at this time of year.

Of course, the pictures I shot could and would never do this show justice. But it is not meant for those who are fans of model railroading as much as it is a show meant to entertain people with what can be done with plant materials being the settings for model train layouts.

Once we were done with the train show, it was on to the rest of the conservatory building, where we looked at some interesting plants.  This is not a place where I'd visit more than once every few years, but I found the images very interesting.

There were a lot of beautiful plants there, but I could not photograph them well enough to do them justice, so I figured that I'd take the best of what I captured and post them for my readers to see.

After we were done at the conservatory, it was off to the library for an exhibition they had at that building.  Unlike our first stop, there wasn't much to see there.  At least, we got a mile or so worth of walking done at the Botanical Garden, and this was good for both of us....

- - - - - -

PS: I finally reached the Doctor's office, and I got good news.  No bones were broken, but it will take time for my strained muscles to heal.

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  1. For several years my wife and I tried to get to the train show at the Bronx Botanical Garden. For the reason you noted we were disappointed. It was a cold and raw day and the line was long and moved like a snail on drugs. The show was not about the trains but about the plants. She is a train fan and neither of us were into the twigs and things that made up the layout.
    Sorry you wasted your time on wonderful Arthur Ave. There are several good places to eat but my favorite is Pasquale's Rigoletto down the end of the block. It is a fun open place with great food. Patsy is currently in jail which seems to be an ongoing issue with him.