Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Believe it or not, my injured hand looks not much better than this. But with a day and a half since I tripped and fell on my right hand, I still am having problems closing my hand into a fist.

- - - - - -

My original plans were to spend New Year's Day and the two days afterward en-femme. However, not being able to use my dominant hand, I figure that the process of turning myself from frog Mario into princess Marian was not worth the effort (and resulting pain). Since I "tuck", I wouldn't feel comfortable en-femme without being able to do so, due to the discomfort I feel when doing anything with my right hand.

Unlike many pre-op transgenders, I pride myself in creating as genuine a feminine presentation as possible whenever I go outside.  I think that this is very important, as a little work up front makes it much easier to be accepted in the world as a female. And, since I have the luxury of free time on my hands, I take advantage of it - such as postponing this week's scheduled meeting at NPW.

If I were living as Marian 24x7, I'd put on my big girl panties and go out the door, as this would be expected from a female.  But then, I'd have perfected my presentation to such a point, where even an injured Marian would generally be perceived as female. This is not the case right now.

- - - - - -

I fully expect to be able to go to game night this Thursday.  But I will be much more careful walking from now on - I can't afford any more injuries.

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