Sunday, January 15, 2017

Grimmy wants you!

When I started the day, I was not thinking about death.  Instead, I was thinking of a snowstorm, and how it would affect me on my drive to see my Dad in the nursing home.

- - - - - -

There were two things on the docket for me today: (1) Seeing my Dad in the nursing home, and (2) Seeing RO for a cup of coffee.  So when I got up, I knew that I'd have to get moving as quickly as possible, in order to avoid the worst of the snow storm that was about to hit the NYC area. Instead of getting out of the house at 10:00 am as I expected, I got out an hour later and paid the price in travel time.  Instead of hitting 60 mph on most of the highways, I was stuck (for good reason) traveling at 30 mph or less. This meant that I reached the nursing home at 1:00 pm, instead of before noon.

My dad was very glad to see me, especially since my brother has avoided the nursing home due to a bad cold, avoiding the chance of infecting my Dad.  Dad and I chatted for the better part of an hour before he asked me to wheel him up to the activities room where Bingo was being played. Since I had no interest in hanging around to play bingo AND wanting to get moving while it was daytime, I bid my Dad farewell, and slowly made it to RO's house.

- - - - - -

RO had slipped and fell earlier in the day. So she invited me up for coffee, where we chatted for the better part of two hours. We talked about many things, including toilet procedures. (Unlike what many women think, there are some disadvantages about needing to aim when going to the bathroom.) She mentioned that when we last met, she was relating to me as another female, in part, because of the cues I was sending. And she picked up on some cognitive dissonance, as she knew what was under my skirt. Her comment on my voice was very positive, as she found it amazing that I could stay in female pitch for the entire afternoon we were last together.  Hopefully, our next get together won't be 4 months from now....

By the time I made it out of RO's house, there was 3"-4" of snow on my car which had to be cleaned off before I could visit the family homestead. My brother had reported that the plumber had done a lot of work, and our contractor had also done a lot of work.  But we had a few choices to make, one of was confirming the decision we made regarding bathroom tiling.I told him what I thought (over the phone - I didn't expect him to go out again), and I was on my way home.

- - - - - -

Arriving home, I found a message on my machine.  It appears that my cousin's wife has pancreatic cancer, and will not last the weekend.  (Damn, not another funeral!)  My cousin was called by another cousin (who I haven't seen in almost 20 years) who got the news from my aunt once removed.  (It's amazing how news gets passed in families, when most family emails are unknown.)  My aunt's husband, himself, is suffering with a lung problem caused by years of smoking.  Like my wife's friend Tony (now deceased), her husband has to have his lungs drained on a daily basis, and is on his last legs.  Since bad things often come in threes, I home that "Grimmy" stays as far away from my dad as possible.

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