Monday, January 16, 2017

Counting the days - and being worried for many reasons

We're counting down the days left until Trump's inauguration.  And a lot of people fear what will happen because of who he has nominated to his cabinet.  There is much to be worried about, and no amount of "calm down" messages can ease the worries of many transgender people.

Going "Stealth" is not an option for many of us, as certain physical characteristics give us away.  For example, I am a very heavy person, and my size triggers thoughts of me being a "man in a dress". Other TG's have other obvious male characteristics such as big noses, thick ankles/wrists, brow ridges, Adam's apples, etc. that give them away as M2F transgenders.  In many urban areas, we are relatively safe. But this doesn't apply to the rest of the country.

I am very concerned that after Trump's win, that many of the bathroom bills are coming back with a vengeance.  Trump's deal with the devil is creating an unacceptable new normal, a normal where it is OK to assault minority groups of all kinds.  We're seeing that his election was (in part) aided by election fraud and by foreign meddling with our process.  And yet, this man wants (needs?) to appear that he can do no wrong.

Like Keith Olbermann, I believe the GOP will need to remove Trump from power eventually. This will leave us with an equally offensive person in power, Mike Pence.  So, what can we do?  I'm lucky, as I live near New York City, and can count on it being hard for the right wing wingnuts to hurt us here. But what about the rest of us?  Right now, we much start building friendship networks, showing people that we are not sick - we are just different. We much teach people not to live in fear. It's easy where I live.  But what about areas where people have suffered because we have a rotten social safety net?  We can't take a direct tack - people who live in fear are often unable to challenge that fear head on.

So I suggest that we present a message that takes advantage of Trump's flip flopping and lying.  If someone says that the president supports "this", then quote him as supporting "that". Create cognitive dissonance, so that people will want to question the status quo.  It won't be easy, but what else can we do while mobilizing for the 2018 congressional elections? 


  1. I am truly amazed at just how dangerous and subversive your ideas are. Just because we won,t let you into our restrooms in your shabby wigs and ugly dresses. When was the last time you were beat up or even called out for being a man in a dress.
    "Create cognitive dissonsnce"? This is exactly what the Nazis did in their campaign of extermination against the Jews. You are either completely selfish and self centered or just plain ignorant when advocating for the undermining and destruction of the most prosperous, open and tolerant society on earth.

    1. "Whatever" -

      You ask when I was attacked. I have seen people attacked who are cisgender, for the "crime" of looking butch. Others have reported that there are people who peep through the cracks in lavatory stalls to determine whether a person is cisgender or trans. So don't give me your crap. You are part of the problem, defending a corrupt subgroup of the larger society.

      If you don't think I'm right, look at one interview which had a right wing person and Jennifer Boylan. The host asked the right winger to say where Jenny could go pee (Jenny is a post-op transgender woman), and the right winger would not answer - as if he were talking about Blacks and Colored washrooms in the 1950's. Are you advocating a return to this era?

      All I do when I go to the washroom is go potty, wash my hands and leave. Are you going to deny a person that? Or, are you afraid to defend your position with rational argument? But I'll fight for that right, using ALL of the tools that people who hate us use against us, when fighting for our rights.


  2. My "position" is that your rhetoric is dangerous and oppugnant. You are calling for the subversion of American democracy in the name of some ideology which is repugnant to the vast majority of the American mainstream. You admit to never having been attacked or harrassed resorting instead to hearsay and red herrings as your proof. I don't hate you, l just refuse to participate willingly in your oppressive charade.

  3. Yeah - You seem to have a lot of time on your hand as you have suddenly decided to troll websites of the transgender people. You recently visited Johanna's site. Unfortunately, you are not here to help us out but choose to speak about that which you do not understand. Obviously, you have not been keeping up with the latest science which is increasingly showing that being trans is not a choice and resides in biology and beyond the control of the trans-person. Given the history of assaults in restrooms, you should be trolling the sites of republican lawmakers and not trans-people. Trans-person just don't do it! BTW, the logic of these bathroom bills which you seem to be in favor of will only make it easier for the true molesters to enter the "wrong" restroom because very passable trans-persons will be using the "other" restroom. So if you can tell the difference between a very passable transman in the restroom and the cic-male predator you are a super-human. So please go troll somewhere where your opinions are congruent with reality.

  4. I was offended by a man for whom every word out of his mouth was a lie, including the words "and" and "the". He refused to say anything bad about the Russian attempts to influence the election until he was forced to do so. And he gained power by the same methods that Goebbels perfected in the 1930's. I'm saying that when our democratic customs are being subverted by a narcissist who wants power for its sake, then it's time to use his tools against him and whoever supported him. In short, a tit for tat and nothing more.

    You are misdirecting things. I cited two issues, one with a cisgender female and the other with a transgender female. But you are not using valid logic to support your case. You could do a lot of research and find a list of all the known transgender females who have beaten to death because of hatred. My belief in a specific tactic has nothing to do with injuries I have suffered, but everything to do with what our opposition has used against us. You should know better than to use misdirection....