Wednesday, January 11, 2017

An unscheduled doctor's visit

As you can guess, I didn't want to get out of bed today.  My hand still couldn't comfortably make a fist, and I couldn't use my right hand for anything that involved strength.  But I had to see about getting into the doctor's office to have him take a look at my hand. And the only way to do this was to get showered and dressed (a task in itself), then drive to the doctor's office.

It's had to do many things with only one good hand.  If I were already on hormones, or were born a cisgender female, I'd not have bothered putting on a bra. Since I can present as a male, I do just that (and will do that until transition) when I see my doctor.

Even presenting as a male has its difficulties.  For example, when one's dominant hand is injured, it can be very hard to go to the bathroom in a "normal" manner.  (This assumes one comes from a culture where the dominant hand is not used for toilet functions.)  In my case, it was much easier to go to the loo as a female would, not needing to use my hands to complete the bodily function.  Buttoning a shirt or tying a shoe can be an arduous task. Neither gender has it easy, and today's presentation was solely determined by how my doctor is accustomed to seeing me.

I tried calling my doctor before lunch, and I got his out of office message.  After lunch, I did the same thing, but reached the answering service. And they connected me to the doctor's office.  At this point, the office told me to come in immediately, and I was able to have the doctor look at my hand 56 hours after my accident.  Once done there, it was off to the local hospital's radiation clinic, where I got my hand and wrist X-Rayed.  Hopefully, the results will come back quickly, and they show no bones were broken.

Since my doctor does not have Wednesday office hours, I expect to get a call on Thursday with the X-Ray results. My plans for the week may now be shot, my bankbook may be a little lighter, but at least I know I did the right thing today....

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