Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A woman's work is never done - especially when she doesn't do it.

After a very quiet weekend, GFJ left this morning and drove up to Albany for a doctor's appointment. So I had the whole day for myself to rest and relax. This is what I did for most of the day, until I decided to empty some of the storage boxes in my closet.

Over the years, I've stuffed lots of things into my closets.  Old photos that I'll never view again take up a bit of the space in one closet.  In my downstairs storage space, I'm storing over 600 vinyl albums, plus enough books to stock a small library. So cleaning out what I've stashed away will take up a lot of time, as I have to go through everything and ruthlessly purge what I don't ever plan to use again.

- - - - - - 

I had several things on my docket for today for when GFJ left, and none of them got done.  One of the things I wanted to do was to get back to work on NPW's new web site.  However, since I've been preoccupied by other things, I've neglected this task.  Another thing I wanted to do was to put the new registration sticker on my car's windshield.  Given how the weather was when I finally got outside, this was a task best deferred to a sunny day. But I did take care of an important thing - finding out whether my niece would mind me seeing her this Wednesday at the Metropolitan Museum of Art while I'm en-femme.  And she didn't mind one bit. YAY!

Late in the afternoon, I started to take rarely opened boxes out of the closet and inspected what I could toss in the garbage. One of the things I found was a bunch of old photos, many of which have copies in photo albums. So I sorted through the box, and tossed out 90% of the photos, keeping the negatives and a select subset of the prints. And the pictures below brought back some fun memories.

The above ex-girlfriend introduced me to shorty nighties, and we had great physical chemistry.  Too bad that she was a "ricochet romance".- she deserved someone who was in love with her first.

 The above gentleman was a DJ who my AOL Widows and Widowers group paid to travel from Pennsylvania to many of our gatherings, as he was that much fun to have with us.

And then there is Karen.  She was always good with a well meaning gag, but wondered why she wasn't attracting quality men.  One day, she asked me about this, wondering if she should lower her standards. I told her that I'd be looking to date her if we were geographically desirable to each other, and to wait for the right man.  She took my advice, and is living with a great fellow now.  (If I had lived anywhere near her, I would have at least asked her out on a date - she is a great lady, and a very sweet one as well.)

The bulk of the pictures that I sorted through were tossed out, as I know I'll never go through them again.  Many of the pictures were of people I met at W/W gatherings, and of whom I don't even remember their names.  It's a shame, but I was less concerned about preserving memories than I was of preserving images. So I doubt that I will miss these pictures the next time I want to revisit old memories.

- - - - - - 

Eventually, I decided to go outside, not even having looked out the window.  So I checked the water to see if the hot water heater problem we experienced over the weekend was fixed. Finding that hot water was coming out of the tap, I decided to take a nice hot shower. After that, I got dressed and went outside as Marian.  

If I had known how bad the weather was, I'd have stayed indoors.  (Don't trust Microsoft's Weather forecasts, as they are much less accurate than you'll get from Google.)  When I got to my car, I had to brush off some sleet before going out.  The roads were slippery, and I decided to only go to the buffet instead of going window shopping.  I still want to pick up a couple of small items from the stores, and I'll do that when the weather is better for driving. 

Once I was done eating, I ended up going straight home.  And it was a good thing I did, as I didn't feel safe on the roads - even at a slower speed than usual.

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