Saturday, January 28, 2017

A day volunteering and a night with the gals.

The end of the week, and the last of a couple of days spent as Marian.  It'll be a long while until I get the chance to spend 5 days in a row in Marian mode, and I have to get used to Mario being out more than I'd like. If I get a job soon, it'll be even longer before I can spend 5 days in a row as Marian.  So I figure that I must enjoy this time while it lasts.

- - - - - -

Over the past couple of weeks, I have ordered both sets of prosthesis that I use, with extra items for use.  In both cases, I received my shipments in two parts: My new wig and wig stand were shipped separately, as well as my breast forms and two sided tapes.  Now, I can go out as Marian feeling "completely new".  I figure that I'll wait for a special day to start using these items.

Unlike most Fridays, I spent today doing a volunteer stint at the GLBT center.  The mood there was somber, as it appears that Trump is about to allow the ultra conservatives from the GOP to discriminate against our community based on what is now displayed on the White House's web site.  As has been said elsewhere, "Hold on to your hats, this is going to be a bumpy ride."

Once done there, it was off to a night with the ladies.  Dinner at the Diner was fine, and I know I won't have my ham and eggs in North Carolina anytime soon.  The lady who wished me a Happy Thanksgiving on OK Cupid was there, and we had a nice long chat - as ladies are wont to do. But she was not the only lady with whom I had a long chat - the lady across from me was very conversational too.  There was only one disadvantage to sitting at my end of the table - there were several other ladies I'd have liked to speak with who were at the wrong end of the table.

- - - - - -

It's very nice to be considered one of the ladies.  The more time I spend in Marian mode, the less I want to return to being Mario. Ideally, I'd get so relaxed using my female voice, that it would become more natural to me than my male voice. As it is, HWA noted that my female voice is at a higher pitch than hers.  And I "sort of" passed a "telephone test" when I went to Mickey D's recently and had a woman identify me as "Miss" without seeing me (as far as I can tell). So I know I'm a good distance along this road I travel, and I'm hoping that our nation's politics do not get in the way of me (and others like me) from becoming our authentic selves.

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