Monday, January 23, 2017

A couple more days with GFJ

Dia: Beacon.  It's a place where large scale and repetitive art is on display. Virtually all of it is abstract, and (to me) much isn't that good.  But then, when I hear docents saying that the artists have democratized the meaning of their works, and are enabling the viewer to attach their own, it seems as if she is saying: "This work is shit, but we'll let you make it important, so that the artist can make a buck."

Not all modern art is shit.  I've seen some good stuff at Dia on a prior visit. I was just disappointed by some of the works in their permanent display (because of how they are presented), as well as others (because they are boring). There was one piece that looked interesting, but after a half mile of walking, I decided to skip.  So I could easily go again if they had another "Local Community visits for Free" day.

- - - - - -

On Saturday, as you might have guessed by now, GFJ and I decided to meet at Dia, and tour the museum with her friends. Well, I got there first, and found a convenient parking spot in the crowded lot. GFJ's friends got there after I was on a docent led tour, and we didn't stumble into each other for about an hour - which is when GFJ arrived at the museum.  By the time we were all together, I was ready to sit down in a comfortable chair for a while, since my knees were aching from standing in place in too many places.  (I like to keep moving, if I'm going to be on my two feet.) While the gals moseyed through the museum, I moseyed to the coffee shop, where I could find a seat and wait for the gals.

Eventually, the gals reached the museum's coffee shop, and we decided to go to Max's on Main.  Being in Mario mode, I felt very strange being with a group of gals. I'd have preferred to be Marian - and this is the second time this has happened.  First, it was meeting GFJ's friends at a coffee shop in Cornwall. And now, it was meeting them at Dia, then having dinner with them at Max's.  Could you imagine what things have been like if GFJ were comfortable with Marian and  I were out to this group?  Nah, that's the kind of wishful thinking that could get you in trouble.

I had to leave the group a little early, using the excuse that I had to return a call to my brother.  Although I did so, I had another, more pressing reason - and barely made it to my apartment's bathroom on time. By the time I was done, GFJ was coming through the door. And both of us were feeling very tired at 9:00 pm - something that rarely happens to either of us.  So we called it a night, and packed it in for the day.

- - - - - -

Sunday came, and neither of us had much energy to do much of anything throughout much of the day.  (This could easily become a pattern, especially when GFJ has been busy on both Friday and Saturday.)  So we stayed indoors and relaxed until it was time for GFJ to go home. (She had to work on Monday, so there was no chance of staying a second night in a row.)  But we figured that we could see a movie (Hidden Figures) together in Newburgh. And we ended up rushing to the theater just in time to see the start of the film, after ALL of the trailers had finished.

GFJ made a comment upon leaving the theater, that Hidden Figures would soon be gone from theaters like most films.  I had to disagree with that for several reasons, two of them being most salient.  First, it was a movie focusing on blacks overcoming racism in 1960's America - a message that will bring a large number of Blacks to the movies during Black History Month. And second, it is one of those rare films that I've heard people applaud after the credits started to roll.  Couple these two reasons with solid performances and good attention to detail, and I'll bet that this film will pick up a few Oscars next year.

It started to get a little nippy as we approached our cars, and I hated to see GFJ go. But if all goes as expected, she will be here next Saturday, and we can have more time for ourselves.

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