Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Starting a project with NPW

Web Design. Something I'm not good at, but a skill I wouldn't mind learning, so that I can do some work on the side in the distant future.

- - - - - -

This morning, I had only one thing on my list of things to do - stop by NPW and start the process of migrating to a new web page, serviced by the same operation that manages their contact and membership lists.

When I got up, I had the same GI tract ailment that has bothered me for the past few days. I was feeling uncomfortable, and would have considered postponing today's visit if rescheduling things wasn't so hard to do.  However, I figured that I'd deal with the discomfort, and be sure to be near a washroom at all times.  Since I had received a new dress from Ulla Popken on Saturday, I figured that I'd take it out of its plastic wrapper and put it on.

The version of this dress in my closet is an olive color, and I found that I needed to wear it with a belt, so that I could have the illusion of having some kind of feminine waist.

Once I was finished with my makeup and getting dressed, it was out the door and off to NPW.  Because of my GI tract ailment, I arrived there about 30 minutes later than planned.  We discussed what was needed in the new web site, and developed some takeaways for next week's meeting.

- - - - - -

After I was done at NPW, I took a little drive and was thinking of revisiting some stores to indulge in some retail therapy.  However, I thought better of this and drove home. If I had someone to visit, I'd have done so. But with nowhere to go and no one to see, I figured that It'd make sense for me to go home and relax for the evening. And I did....

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