Monday, December 12, 2016

Overnighting at GFJ's place

This is what a Christmas Tree farm is supposed to look like.  The trees are healthy from the ground up, and have not been turned into food for the 4 legged vermin (deer) in the neighborhood.  Unfortunately, the farm at GFJ's house does not look like this, and will likely never look like this again.

- - - - - -

On Saturday, I had only one firm thing on my docket - meeting GFJ in New Paltz for dinner, then staying the night at her place.  However, I had one optional thing I could do: going to  Zwilling - J.A.Henkels' yearly warehouse sale in its new Pleasantville location.  But to go there, I'd have to get moving early in the afternoon.

Recently, GFJ made a comment about my knives - unlike her knives, they cut well and are a joy to use.  So I made the decision to buy another knife - and spend money I could use for other purposes, such as a new dress or two.  The scene at the warehouse was that of an organized crowd.  People were inspecting all the merchandise, and sales staff was eager to help in any way possible. This time around, they didn't just sell knives.  They were also selling all sorts of cooking equipment, and I almost bought a Dutch Oven that I'd rarely use.

I ended up buying a 5" utility knife and a knife sharpener.  Even then, I spent almost $60. And this was a treat to myself that I wouldn't be able to get until next year near Thanksgiving time.

Once done at the warehouse, I stopped home to pick up my bags and drove up to meet GFJ.  At Route 9 and Roa Hook Road, there was an accident that blocked the Northbound lanes of Route 9, causing me to lose 10 minutes in a traffic jam.  Yet, I made it to New Paltz a little bit earlier than I expected. 

After dinner, we retreated to GFJ's place and I carted my bags inside. Little did we know that the "House Pest", her "Wasband" could be coming up later that evening to stay overnight in what used to be the Christmas Tree store in her "Back Yard".  (We didn't find this out until the next morning.)  We spent a quiet night together watching TV, and had the alarms set to wake us up early the next morning, so that we could get out and about before the to be ex husband arrived.

- - - - - -

Waking up, both of us got showered and dressed quickly, and out the door in a flash.  GFJ noticed that there was smoke coming from the Christmas Tree store building, and I made sure to get the frost off my windshield and myself off the property before he could get moving.  At the same time, GFJ went in back to make "nice-nice" and saw that he was sleeping soundly.  So she got in her car, and met me down the road at a local church.

Next, it was off to New Paltz where we had breakfast, and then off to Mohonk Mountain House, where we were to spend most of the day. We first went to the main house, where we looked at a Gingerbread House Competition which was being set up.

Although there were many more gingerbread houses there, I wasn't going to bother with showing on this blog.

We then decided to take a walk along one of the Mountain House's paths.  Both of us enjoyed the walk, especially given that the weather will soon turn for the worse.

Once Mohonk got crowded, it was time to leave for an early dinner.  GFJ chose a place with excellent German food, the Mountain Brauhaus.  I have only two words to describe the food: YUM YUM!!!  This was one place that is truly off the beaten track, and well worth going out of your way for.

All too soon, it was time to part, and I drove home.  This weekend was way too short, and next weekend will also be short because of GFJ's chauffeur duty to bring her son to the airport. At least, I'll get some unplanned time in Marian mode....

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  1. The Mohonk Mountain House is wonderful. Some day you should treat yourself to their Sunday Brunch.
    I have eaten at the Brauhaus and their food is authentic and outstanding. The sauerbraten will melt in your mouth.