Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Just under two weeks before Christmas

This is a picture taken from my car of a house near where I live.  The display is much more impressive than in this picture - especially for a home on a standard 60'x100' lot.  Some people go all out with Christmas displays, and I'm glad that we can get to see little guys do big things.

- - - - - -

Today was a day where I had nothing planned, and nothing I needed to do.  Yes, I had to get around to doing some paperwork, so that I could get the grant from unemployment for the PMP prep course. But this didn't take up that much time, and I figured that I'd get out and about before the sun went down.

Before I go too far along this path, I must mention something about GFJ's life.  As I've mentioned in other posts, she is going through a slow motion divorce. Today, she had another court appearance at which money was spent and nothing was accomplished. She is not getting the quality of service she would expect of a good lawyer, and has had to pressure him (and his firm) to do the right thing by her.  Since this is a matter between her and her lawyer that relates to an active proceeding, I won't say more about it except that I'll bet that she wishes she had her to be ex's lawyer working for her. GFJ called me just before I left home, and delayed my departure for about 45 minutes talking about today's events.  I didn't mind this, as I enjoy her company and enjoy hearing what goes on in her life.

Eventually, I got out of the house as the sun was setting, and headed over to Danbury, CT.  I didn't expect to buy anything, as much as I expected to entertain myself by looking at the racks of clothes for sale.  The first store I visited was Lane Bryant, where I figured that I'd look at (but not buy) a couple of dresses I liked.  Well, I looked at those dresses, and then went to the clearance rack, where I saw a dress that caught my eye.  (Sadly, the dress is no longer on their web site, so I'll have to get a picture of it when I wear it somewhere.)  And for $35, I can always find money to pay for it.

Next was a stop at Christmas Tree Shops, where I picked up a few things including a new snow scraper.  Again, nothing was going to break the bank here.  At this point, I knew to stay away from The Avenue, and get moving towards home.  Other than a stop at the supermarket, there was nothing more worth mentioning.

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