Sunday, December 25, 2016

Is it a diary, or is it a blog?

Is this blog an open book diary? Or, is this diary an open blog?  It doesn't matter much to me, as it allows me to convey my thoughts as a transgender woman to the rest of the world.  And I hope that my readers find it entertaining and informative.

- - - - - -

Over the past few years, I have tried to provide daily entries, in this, a partial journal of my life en-femme. I have experimented with formats, and realized that finding images that usually relate (in some way) to the topic(s) of the day have been most effective for me. And I plan to continue doing so for the foreseeable future, as I enjoy the discipline of writing for some small part of the day.

Although I have discussed non transgender parts of my life, I still enjoy focusing on the part of my life where I can live the life of a woman.  There is something about getting out and about en-femme, and being one's authentic self.  I know that I'm no beauty.  Yet, I think I blend in well.  And if given the chance to live as a woman 24x7, I'd jump at it as long as certain conditions were met.

- - - - - -

I am under no illusions about how difficult life would become if I were to transition now.  White men do not see the benefits of white male privilege, as they don't experience life from either a female perspective, or that of a person of color.  White males might say, "I hope you don't mind if I impose on you", and expect that person to accept politely worded impositions without challenge. Social niceties prevent people from refusing the impositions, and those being imposed on accept it as their lot in life.

The other day, my brother and I were having a conversation about the anti-Trump protesters in New York City.  He said that they should "Get a Job!" without even acknowledging that many of these people had a job, and were willing to take a day off to protest something they see as wrong.  There is a form of ignorance and blindness that occurs when one is in a privileged class.

Conversations like the one mentioned above are why I bring the non transgender part of my life into this blog.  I like exposing people to new ideas - if only to encourage them to test their assumptions about reality.  And if those assumptions are tested, it will make things easier for other transgenders with less going for them to assume their rightful places in society.

- - - - - -

Unlike many M2F transgenders, I can safely hide in the "straight male world" if needed. But do I want to do so?  Probably not, as I would be lying to myself and to the world.  More importantly, I might be aiding to set our cause back a few years if I were to do so.  This I will not do.

Yet, the current political climate poses a potential problem for me.  In the past, I would have minor concerns about traveling (to places I want to go) en-femme.  With the current group of clowns about to take power, I'm afraid of what will happen to me if I were to travel this way. This is a big concern, as I have gotten used to having my freedom and don't want to give it up.

Instead of cowering to these bullies, I have resolved to help those who'd wrest power away from those who hate us for little reason. The only way to do so is to use their tactics against them, and to encourage others to match them tit for tat.  It'll be a long struggle.  And it'll be one we can't afford to lose....

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