Friday, December 16, 2016

I try hard NOT to let this blog get too political.

When I started writing this entry, I had already published my entry for the day. It was a commentary tying Pearl Harbor, the JFK Assassination, and 9/11 together as defining events for American generations, and a word of warning for us transgenders.  I did not intend for the entry to become political, but with all of the political demons being released after years of being denied, it's hard not to show some cause for concern. So, I decided to combine two days' of writing into a single entry, in order to keep up on the mundane things going on in my life, and to avoid politics for one post.

- - - - - -

On Wednesday, I had only one thing that I had to do - visit the department of labor, and be briefed on a grant program which will pay for a PMP exam prep course, so that an identified skills gap can be closed and I can find a job.

I'm glad that I chose the 11:15 appointment, as I had a very hard time getting up in the morning, having been awake until almost 4:00 am.  When I got there, the fellow was curious about the 21 month gap between jobs, and I mentioned that this was how long it took for me to find work.  There was no cover up, just bad luck.  He wondered why I didn't take advantage of this grant program before, and I mentioned that people in his office gave me bad information, and didn't walk me through the steps that had to be done to get the grant, take the prep course, and move forward with things in general.

Once done with the meeting, I didn't have that much to do.  I called Lili and mentioned the dress I wanted to look at again, but she was not interested in coming to my place and being a passenger.  (Unless things are easy for her, she avoids doing things.  And I'll bet that she will need to reschedule her stomach surgery, as she has not been able to stay on her diet. But I digress...) So, I decided to go North, and stop into Newburgh for some retail therapy. And again, I saw nothing of interest.  This is just as well - I don't need to spend money.

By the time I got home, it was 8:00 pm, and I was tired.  So I put my head on the pillow and passed out, catching up on some needed sleep....

- - - - - -

Thursdays are usually busy days, and this week was busier than normal.  First, I had lunch plans with the FFGoW women's meetup group.  Then off to the GLBT center to do some afternoon volunteer work. And finally, off to Game night in Yonkers.

Considering that I got to sleep late last night, I was surprised at how much energy I had when the first alarm woke me up at 9:00 am. Instead of snuggling up under a warm blanket, I decided to get up, surf the web a little bit, and get ready for a 12:30 pm lunch.  Of course, it took me forever to get moving to go out, so I left the house a little late and made it to the restaurant just in time to place my order with the rest of the gals.

We had an enjoyable lunch, but I'm not sure if I would want to eat at Pizza Beat again. Something about the Calamari told me that the restaurant didn't prepare it themselves.  Maybe it was the size and tenderness of the Calamari, or maybe it was the color and texture of the Marinara sauce.  Either way, I felt that something was missing. If there is a next time at this place, I'll order the Chicken Parmesan and play it safe.

Because of the way my stomach was feeling (before, during and after lunch), I decided to postpone my day at the GLBT center and go straight home.  It was a very fortunate thing to do, as my stomach told me who was boss in no uncertain terms. At least, I was able to make it home in time....

A bit later, it was time to go to game night. And I got there as the first game started (and as it was about to end prematurely).  We passed the time, both playing other games and in conversation. There is not much to discuss here, as it was a quiet night with the usual group in attendance. But I was able to find out that the Xmas gift I plan on giving to each of the children (boxes of chocolate pops on sticks) will be appreciated.

At the same time as I was playing games, WDJ was at the Whine and Dine about an hour away.  I can't go into much here, as it involves a couple of private conversations between WDJ and myself.  But the "Queen Bee" that I don't want to confront wasn't at tonight's dinner, and I might have been able to have a good time - if this dinner was on any night other than Thursday.

- - - - - -

On the way home from Yonkers, I was chatting with GFJ.  She is still not sure of whether she will be going away for New Year's with her sons.  So I'm holding off on buying a dress I could wear for New Year's Eve dinner with the FFGoW group, since I already have something fancy I might be able to wear that night.

Privately, I'm hoping that GFJ will be going away, as I will be able to be in Marian Mode for several days in a row. But I'd likely be just as glad if she were to be with me for the same time. Either way, I know I'll have something to do, and events that will keep me busy.

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