Thursday, December 8, 2016

I had a weird dream last night

I don't know that many women who sleep on their stomachs. But I've tended to date larger women, and certain features of their anatomies tend to get in the way.  And how I love those features!  (It'd be nice to have a pair of my own. But that's another story for another blog entry.)

When I woke up this morning, I had the memory of a dream involving my best male friend (who does not know I'm transgender) and a last minute visit to my apartment, where I had to figure out how to clean out all traces of Marian before he arrived. This would have been an impossible task. But the dream was pleasant, especially since I rarely dream - even using the CPAP machine and getting a more restful sleep than I did in the past.

- - - - - -

After yesterday's visit to the Department of Labor, I had two things to take care of: (1) Rewriting my resume in a format that highlights and focuses on my skills, and not when I worked; and (2) Contacting someone at Pace University to find out the costs of PMP training they have been contracted by the county to provide, and when the next session will be offered.  This is the type of thing that depresses me most, as I'm not really sure that I'm the right type of person to manage projects anymore.  But what do I do for an encore in my life?

Unlike many people who have been displaced by technology and by foreign competition, I am not angry. I understand what happened, and I was lucky to have been able to save the money I need to get by.  Sadly, others are not so lucky.  Recently, I posted a link to a video of an angry white woman's rant on Facebook that illustrates how long repressed feelings are now coming out in the new Trumpian age of meanness. Yet, I do not feel sorry for this woman - she is venting her anger at innocent people.  I feel sorry about her victims, people who could not fight back.

Picking on people who can not fight back seems to be a theme of Trump's appointments to his cabinet.  Each of his picks seems to be designed to destroy the departments (related to social services) they are supposed to run. I don't see much help coming from the Federal government for the next few years in regard to Transgender Rights.  We will have to fight our battles in the states, and hope that the courts focus more on the rule of law, and not of political expediency.

- - - - - -

With all this being said, it feels like an afterthought to talk about my day.  I didn't have much scheduled, save for a dinner meetup with one of my women's groups.  It'll be nice seeing the gals again.  But I did make the time to get in contact with WGN, YGWM, and RO to both keep in touch and to see when they might be available for a get-together.  It looks like WGN will soon be going back to work, manning her store in its new location shortly after the new year begins. YGWM will soon be taking some courses, in order to help qualify for her career. And RO has been busy, but wants to get together soon. The only person I missed in my list of people to contact was YGM, but she will soon be busy due to school being out for Xmas week. As I was about to leave for my evening meetup with the gals, YGM called.  We're now going to try and get together the week after next.

So it was off to the meetup in White Plains. It seems that virtually all of the important restaurants on Mamaroneck Avenue's "Restaurant Row" have rear entrances which allow a person to enter the restaurants from the municipal parking lots in the rear.  I was glad, as I was breaking in a new pair of heels on a rainy night, and didn't want to walk far.  (Silly me, I could have worn flats, but heels made my legs look better in the dress I was wearing. And several women have said that I have great legs and should show them off when possible. So I do.)  I did make one mistake - I paid for parking twice, as I entered the wrong parking spot number on the meter the first time around.

There were only 5 of us there, and I was the one who had the expensive (non discounted) "Juicy Lucy" burger.  YUM!  But I was a little frustrated at the end, as WPB had to be in control of computing monies on a shared check to the penny.  No, it's not a big thing other than the time she spent figuring out how much each of us should pay.  I tend to value my free time more than most people, and would have gladly thrown in a couple of extra bucks to make this part of the evening less of a chore.

- - - - - -

On the way home, I ended up chatting with GFJ for a while, then continued on past my normal exit.  The rain put a damper on things, and I didn't want to get out of the car until I absolutely had to.  Hopefully, it'll be a dry day tomorrow.

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