Thursday, December 22, 2016

Great Caesar's Ghost!

Since I had nothing to do this morning, I decided to edit blog entries I have ready to post for one reason: Many needed to be brought up to date, given that I am now unemployed and that "conservatives" have gained control of the Federal Government.  Most of the changes involved minor edits. But with some entries, I had to do some serious slicing and dicing to make the posts meet current reality. At least, I now have entries I feel good about posting when I am either unable to write new posts (such as when GFJ is here), or am away on vacation (when I still write posts, but can't publish them).

- - - - - -

Around noon, I left to see my ex-boss at the Palisades Mall.  We always end up meeting at the Cheesecake Factory, and eat too well.  Today was no exception for me.  We caught up on things, and all too soon, it was time to leave.  Like me, he is very concerned about what will happen to this country after January 20th.  Both of us are too old to move elsewhere if the shit hits the fan. But it pays to know how to get out if the worst ends up happening.

Next, it was back home for the year-end co-op board meeting. We took care of pleasant business today, chatting with our superintendent and showing him that we appreciate his efforts.  Additionally, we dealt with one shareholder's issues in a way that was satisfactory to the board and to the shareholder.  Most of our chatting was not about business.  One of our board members had just returned from a vacation, and told us about her visit to Florida. She stayed in a community that showed little diversity, and noted that two of us board members (HWA and me) would have a lot of trouble living in this community - they all drank the "Trump Kool-Aid".  Sadly, this is very true - neither of us could live there.  But luckily, none of us, including this board member, would want to live there - so it's not much of a loss.

Then, it was off to our year-end dinner where it was all too easy to get stuffed on appetizers. And I did just that.  By the time my main course came, all I could do was to ask for a doggy bag and take the meal home.  Before leaving for home, each of us got a gift - a humongous box of chocolates.  Now, I know what I'm bringing over to my brother's place on Christmas.

PS:  I just had to delete a newly entered comment from an entry I published almost a year ago.  No, it was not a nasty comment, but one from a jerk trying to advertise some scam he was pushing.  What a joke!  You'd think that he'd hit a much more recent post, where someone might be more likely to see it.  I'm sure that this would never have gotten by Perry White.

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