Saturday, December 17, 2016

A new meetup group and a year-end development.

Today, my plans called for me going to the GLBT center to catch up on some volunteer work, and then going to a meetup that started around 9:00 pm.  Even if I were to leave the GLBT center at 5 pm, I'd still have 4 hours to kill before the 9 pm meetup in New Rochelle.  So, going out the door at 1:30 pm, I knew I'd have to do something that would be entertaining and occupy a predictable amount of time.

- - - - -

When I got to the GLBT Center, I found myself entering data onto their future web site.  As much as this can be boring, I enjoyed having something to do - even if it didn't take much brainpower. I wouldn't want to do this every day, but to do this for a couple of hours each week, it can be a pleasant diversion.

After my stint at the GLBT center, I went out into the cold. Since my chest was somewhat exposed, I realized that I needed to buy two items - and quick.  One was a warm scarf, and the other was a pair of ear muffs.  So I went to Target and took care of business. The only cold that I might have to deal with is a blast of chilly air blowing under my skirt. Since the multiplex theater is in the same complex, I decided to buy a ticket to see Manchester by the Sea. While waiting for the movie to start (I didn't want to wait in the theater and pay way too much for mediocre food), I went downstairs to Shoprite and picked up dinner.

Once done with dinner, I made it back upstairs to the movie - and wished I had chosen another film to see.  The film was boring, and the closing of the film left me unsatisfied. Mind you, my reaction may be related to wanting a film with a little more meat on the bone, where this film was a sad character study of people in the aftermath of personal tragedies.

Even with a bad choice of film, my timing was perfect - I made it to the meetup shortly after 9 pm. When I signed up for this meetup group, I had no idea that its founder was in her 30's, and was aiming the group for a younger audience.  It still was fun, and I met one of the people who has become a regular at Thursday night game nights.  Will I go again?  Maybe, but only if the hostess only has the women's group get together that night.

- - - - -

On the way home, I opened up an email from GFJ. It was both happy and sad for me, as her sons weren't going to treat her to a vacation in Cancun at year-end.  I'm happy because I'll get to see GFJ at year-end.  But I'm sad, as I won't get out as Marian on New Year's Eve. At least, I won't need to buy a new dress for that night....

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