Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A day that I could have slept through with nothing lost

All of my alarms were set this morning, so that I could get out of bed and off to the Department of Labor by 10:00 am.  I didn't want to get out of the house, and it was made worse because of the heavy rain outside.  As the fates would have it, I arrived at 10:00 am, and found out that my appointment was at 2:00 pm.  AARGH!  I should have reread the letter I was sent, but I've gotten sloppy in my old age.

My appointment was rescheduled for 11:00 am, and I left the office to kill some time before returning an hour later. This time, I met with the one woman who seemed to know what she was doing there.  And yet, I felt like everything was a little meaningless when she mentioned a program geared to give people like me, with skills gaps, needed retraining to get work.  I mentioned that this office mentioned the program to me last time around, but that people in this office screwed it up for me - and I couldn't fight city hall, when people didn't want to do their jobs.  This time, she made sure that a skills gap was mentioned in my records, so that it would be easier to justify getting a grant for this course.  (Now I have to dig out old resumes so that I can start documenting 4500 hours of real world experience needed for the professional certification as a PMP.)

On my way home, I got a call from Lili.  She had still not seen the latest "Harry Potter world" flick, and she wanted company.  I told her the truth - I was very tired for some unknown reason, and I needed a nap.  She was unhappy, but I told her that I'd call her later.  And it was just as well, because I put my head on the pillow when I got home, and was out for a couple of hours.

Once I woke from my nap, I realized that I had no interest in going out in the rain again.  So I got comfortable, and relaxed for the rest of the day.

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