Thursday, November 17, 2016

Two days mostly en-femme. Sadly, I'm now afraid for our future.

A blurry picture of me in a black dress.  In a way, it's fitting for the spirit of the day.  America has just elected a rank amateur to run the country, a person who gets the support of America's baser elements, someone whose business has been built on the backs of people less powerful, and an all around bully. It is time to mourn the America we could have grown into, and hunker down for some very troublesome times ahead.

- - - - - -

When I got up on Tuesday, I got dressed as Mario and went to the polling station to cast my vote. Arriving at the polling station, I saw two of my neighbors there - the senile lady and her sick daughter. We chatted a bit before I went downstairs to cast my vote. And there, I found another neighbor assisting people with the polling machines, who directed me to the correct table to pick up my ballot. As much as I dislike Hillary Clinton, I figured that she would be the only one competent enough to take on the office of president. So I cast my vote for her, and left the polling place.

Now that I took care of the one activity that required my presence as Mario, I went home and changed into Marian for the rest of the day. I didn't do much other than take care of a load of laundry. Since this load contained a few dresses that needed cleaning, it was an effort that I was glad to take care of. I may not be as careful as most women in taking care of their clothes. But I am careful to make sure that nothing I wear is "hand wash", though I do have a few sweaters that are "dry flat". As many of us have learned by experience, women's clothes are not as easy to care for than men's clothes. And, like many women, I take a few shortcuts to make it easier for me to care for my clothes - at the expense of a shortened lifespan for some of these clothes.

Later in the day, I found the energy to get up and go to Vicki #2's election night party. When I arrived, none of us expected Hillary to do as badly as she did. But as the night went on, the tone of the party soured, and I wished I had gone elsewhere.  However, there was one bright note - I finally met someone who I've chatted with on a dating site, and we had a nice chat. No, I'm not interested in her. But it was nice to finally see this woman in person, and know that she is not my type.

- - - - - -

Wednesday morning came, and I decided not to watch any of the usual shows I'm accustomed to watching.  The idea of listing to pundits explaining how they got things so terribly wrong didn't interest me. So I left a movie on TV for background noise.  I was semi-conscious for most of the day, enjoying not having anything to do, save relax.  The rain outside was also a consideration here, as I might have gotten showered and dressed earlier had it been nice weather.

Eventually, I did get showered and dressed, and out the door to eat at the local Chinese Buffet.  The food there is not that good, but it is predictable. Yet, each time I go to this buffet, I feel less of an inclination to go back there again.  Maybe, as I've explained things in other posts, it's the difference between the two German words "Essen" and "Fressen".  The first word is used for humans eating, while the other is used for animals.  There is a part of me that now wants to enjoy the taste of the food more than the quantity of food.

After dinner, I dropped into the local book store and continued reading a book that I started about a week ago.  I found the book interesting, but on my limited budget, prefer to buy a coffee and read the book at the book store while drinking my coffee.

Sadly, the store closed and I had to leave for home.  Getting home, it was off with the nail polish, and setting myself up for a visit from the cleaning lady AND dinner with the Cat Lady. At least, I'll make maximal use of a day out as Mario....


  1. Cheer up. DJT will be good for America, good for the economy, good for jobs, much better with foreign relations than Obama/Clinton/Kerry, and the most pro LGBT Republican you are likely to find.

    Where is the bookstore that you frequent while dressed and are comfortable sitting with a coffee reading a book? Now that the B Lounge is closed I am looking for a place where I can just get dressed and go and not be hassled.

    I also understand that a new transgender meetup group is starting in our area. Their first meet up is at the newly reopened 202 Diner at 8 PM this Saturday. I think that the meet up host is a FTM.

  2. Pat -

    I disagree with you about DJT. I've seen his business dealings, and the only thing he cares for is himself. He's a disaster for the GOP, and will sell them out when he has extracted what he wants from the GOP. Heck, Ted Cruz (someone I hate) would make a more reputable leader.

    Believe it or not, I have never had any trouble going to the B&N on route 6, near the Walmart. No one hassles me there. It's sad that the B Lounge has closed. But I think it was the right type of place in the wrong location.

    I've seen that meetup invite as well. Since I'm busy on weekends, I am with my girlfriend - and in boy mode. These days, unemployment has given me one great benefit - having more of the week available for me to be in Marian Mode.


  3. One of these nights if I cn get out dressed I may just visit the B&N