Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Friday before Thanksgiving - and I don't need to do any serious shopping

I never bothered with Black Friday shopping.  There is a lemming like quality to people all in a rush to get one or two items at bargain prices.  As for me, I enjoyed my sleep, and usually got my shopping done before Thanksgiving. This year, my shopping list includes GFJ, a token gift for my brother and sister in law, and an inexpensive gift for my Dad in the nursing home.  With the exception of candies and chocolates for people like my cleaning lady, I could do my Xmas shopping at almost any time of year.  So why bother being one of the lemmings?

- - - - - -

What would be on my wish list, if I made the full list available to others?  Since I have most of the things I want, I don't ask for anything of importance.  For people who know me as Marian, I could use a few tasteful items of clothing.  But then, I am a clothes horse.  If I were to ask for some practical items, my list would contain some pull on slacks and sweaters for these cold days ahead.  Unfortunately, it's hard to find feminine clothing which gives my body the illusion of having the right proportions.

Today, my plans were to do some volunteer work at the GLBT center, and then go to dinner with the gals.  There would be no time to drive to New Jersey to see if a certain dress is available in my size at Catherine's, and to see if it is a dress I want to buy.

As usual, I didn't get moving until late in the morning, and didn't make it to the GLBT center until 1:30 pm or so.  At that point, the director showed me some of the bare bones basics of how to add sub pages to a menu, and from there, I finished fleshing things out.  It's far from finished, but I got something done.  As I thought of things, the more I realized that they take forever to do anything in this place.  The only thing they need to do there is to keep the place alive.  This means that they spend a tiny bit of money, and if something that could be done quickly doesn't get done, then so be it.  I can live with this - the place allows me to keep myself a little busy, and neither I nor they expect a lot to get done in a short amount of time.

- - - - - -

Once I was done at the GLBT Center, I killed time by driving over to Ulta Beauty in Port Chester, so I know where to go when my container of Dermablend runs out.  Having a local site beats having to travel to Woodbury, Poughkeepsie, or to Long Island to replenish my makeup supplies.  From there, it was to Yonkers, where I finished a book I was reading before going to the meetup down the road.

I arrived at the meetup on time (for a change) and sat down next to a couple of the gals.  It's nice to treated as a lady among other ladies, and I had fun chatting over dinner.  One lady told a true story about a blind date she went on.  No, we're not talking about meeting a random gentleman.  We're talking about a man who was blind, and took this woman on a date to the movies!  (Before you get any ideas, one can get the gist of many movies just by listening to the audio.  So this may not be as queer as it sounds.)  However, this was only one of this woman's strange and unsuccessful dates.  Another was a man who asked that she accompany him to the hospital, and then keep him company afterwards.  Why? you might be asking. And "What in the heck are you getting at?"  Well, this bad date was having a balloon surgically implanted, so that he could enjoy intimate relations with a woman.  That was the last time she saw that fellow.  Sadly, she didn't tell any more stories tonight.  But I know the ladies trust me enough as Marian, not to be embarrassed to dish the dirt on some of the men they have been with.  (Now, if only I could have added my story about dating a woman who had to be signed out of a rehab center....)

- - - - - -

The meetup ended, and I had enough time to rush out to New Jersey and look at the dress I didn't buy, so that I could make a decision to buy it next month.  So off I drove to New Jersey, and the traffic ground to a standstill 1 mile from the exit for the bridge.  (Seems like only 1 lane was open, due to a nasty accident on the exit ramp from the Major Deegan Expressway. At this point, I knew that I'd never make it to the store by 9:00 pm, and bailed on this idea.  Instead, I then called Pat, and went to her place to gab for a while.

Now, Pat has always been a worry wart, and saw no hope in this election.  She's the type who'd vote for the Green party - even if she were in a state where her vote made a difference.  So she was really feeling down because of all the right wing extremists that Trump has already named to his cabinet posts.  And I can't blame her for worry.  The GOP has made sure that people like Pat, with no money, no discretionary income, and no chance to improve themselves due to health or age, with policies now being floated by both party apparatchiks and its nomenklatura.

Eventually, it was time to leave, and I tried to reach GFJ on the ride home.  She couldn't hear the phone, and called me when I was just pulling into my driveway.  Instead of telling her to call back, I pulled back out and made the scenic round trip to Peekskill and back via side roads.  This allowed us to have an uninterrupted chat.  It seems like tomorrow may involve more driving than she expected.  The long and short of it is, I might just have the better part of the day in Marian mode, so that I can examine that dress in the store at my leisure.

- - - - - -

As I've said before - I'm not the type to shop at someone else's schedule. And I'm very glad to be this way....

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