Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Super Moon

There's not that much difference in how the moon looked tonight and with other full moons. But it was a nice excuse to get outdoors and look at the beauty of our one natural satellite.

- - - - - -

Getting up late has been something I've been doing a lot of lately.  I don't miss getting up by 6:00 am, so I could be on a train at 7:30 am and in at work by 9:30 am. With 13 hours of my day dedicated to work (or transport to/from work), I didn't have much time available in my life for myself.  Now I have the time, but I'd love to trade half of it for half of the money I lost from having a job.

Although I was awake around 11:00 am, I didn't get moving until 3:00 pm. This wasn't a problem, as I didn't have to be in Pelham until 6:30 pm.  And this would give me just enough time to stop at Staples for something to hold an Arts Westchester badge on my blouse or dress. Or, it should have given me enough time....

Around 5:00 pm, I started my trek down to Pelham.  This should have given me more than enough time to get to Pelham, with time enough to spare to stop by Staples and Mickey D's before my time at the theater.  However, there was a nasty traffic jam at the intersection of the Sprain Brook, Bronx River, and Cross County parkways. I was able to bail at Tuckahoe road, and stop for food at Mickey D's.  This was a big mistake, as the fast food joint was understaffed, and I had to wait 20 minutes before getting my food.

But this not the worst of it.  I figured that I still had some time to spare, and could get to the Hutchinson via the NYS Thruway (Route 87) to the Cross County, and then side roads from there.  Well, as soon as I got on the Thruway, traffic was almost at a standstill. Just before the exit I planned to take was a nasty multi car accident, where someone was being taken away via stretcher.  There were several fire trucks, police cars and the like on the scene, and 3 lanes of traffic were being funneled into 1 to give the emergency workers room to do their job.

Well, I eventually made it to the side road I wanted to take, and made it to the theater a few minutes late.  But I had made a big mistake.  The movie wasn't starting at 7:00 pm.  Instead, it was scheduled to start at 8:30 pm.  Of course, I wasn't going to hang out at the theater for 90 minutes.  So I ended up going to Staples and taking care of things I skipped earlier. And then, it was back to the theater, where there were only 4 paying customers.  Yes, I handed out a single advocacy card to this group of people, but it was a waste of time to do this on a Monday night.  (But it makes sense to give away a freebie on a night the theater knows they won't lose paying customers due to my attendance.) 

Now, before I forget, the reason for the trip was to be there for the 25th anniversary showing of the movie "The Commitments". This is a better movie than I thought it would be, although the ending is predictable from how the story progressed.  If you get a chance to see it in a theater - do so.  If not, rent it.  I think you'll enjoy it for the story, if not the music.

- - - - - -

On the way home, I tried to reach GFJ.  I knew she was going to be busy with her girl friends tonight, so I didn't expect an answer from her. Normally, we keep in contact at least once per day.  However, I wasn't paying that much attention to her when she called earlier in the day, as I was trying to get something printed correctly on my color printer. So I wanted to hear her tell me things in greater detail - her doctors wanted to do some scans on her due to some swelling related to an injury related to a slippery floor.

I guess that I'll have to wait until tomorrow for more information....


  1. I had to watch "The Commitments" three or four times to figure out what some of the characters were saying! Good flick once you get over the language barrier. LOL

  2. Stana -

    My grandmother spoke with a wonderful Irish brogue. So it wasn't that hard for me to understand much of what the cast was saying. Yet, I've heard Irish accents so thick, that to understand them I had to use a knife and fork.