Thursday, November 24, 2016

Seeing family and career networking is a big pain.

I've never been that good with social networking, and I need to do so in order to find new work.  As much as I don't need a high paying job to get by, I do need something which will allow me to max out future social security payments.  It'll be a damned shame if working all these years with maximum contributions, that I have to take a job which reduces my benefits due to the way Social Security pays benefits.

Today, I received a message (on Mario's Facebook page) from a woman I once wished I could have had as a partner.  She knows about Marian and recognizes the issues I'd have in any relationship where my partner is less than welcoming of Marian.  She clued me on to how Social Security benefits are computed, and there is a potential whammy here - if I take a lower paid job, it may reduce my benefits, even though I have paid almost the maximum into Social Security for years.  Something is very wrong here....

- - - - - -

There were two things on the docket for today.  First was a visit to Dad, and then a trek into NYC for a PMI meeting.  Given the two, I could skip seeing Dad until Thanksgiving.  But it didn't make sense to skip the PMI meeting, as I need to network in order to find work.  So, I went into NYC and got off at the same subway station that I used to get off at when I worked at my megabank.

The presentation at the PMI meeting was interesting, as it focused on many elements of project management from a lawyer's perspective.  I met a few people there, one of whom may be a useful contact. But it is always a little frustrating to travel 90 minutes each way for a meeting that takes about 90 minutes.  Yet, it's the type of thing that can pay off someday, so I keep going to monthly meetings and playing my job search Lotto tickets.

- - - - - -

I had sent images of two dresses I'm interested in buying to several people: Vicki #1 , Lili, WDJ, and BXM.

The dress on the left is best seen in the color I liked most - Majolica Blue.  It brings out the striping that helps me look a little more slender.

The dress on the right is offered in only one color.  I like this dress, and would likely wear it with a pair of leggings.

However, the jury is mixed on these two dresses.  Vicki prefers the dress to the left, in part because of its rayon fabric.  She doesn't like the dress on the right because it is largely polyester/spandex.  However, Lili, WDJ, and BXM all prefer the dress on the right.  And I can see why. The grey color is simpler, and would give more flexibility in the accessories with which I'd adorn it. I'm leaning towards buying both of them.  The first dress this month, with the second dress to come in next month - after I've paid most of my bills.

- - - - - -

When Vicki responded to my email, she noted that she was buying tickets for a concert to be held in February.  I'm looking forward to going to the concert AND going to The Little Bear again.  Although the venue is closer to GFJ's place than my apartment, I'll be returning home, as I'll likely be there in Marian Mode, and don't want to bother GFJ with me changing back to Mario that evening.

At least life hasn't stopped for me in these days without a job.


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  1. My vote is for the one on the right, "first." Great color for you!