Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down

This isn't Monday, but it is sure as hell raining outside today.  And this is one day that I was glad that it was a day scheduled to be en-homme instead of en-femme, as I wouldn't want to ruin any of Marian's clothes.

There was only one on my docket for the day - an early co-op board meeting.  Now that I am not working, it makes sense to shift the schedule a couple of hours earlier, so that the other folk (all retired) could make use of the rest of their evenings. So, I stayed indoors all day and relaxed, as this was not the type of day to outdoors in the rain.

Eventually, 5:00 pm came, and I went next door to the board meeting.  There was a lot on the docket, and we skipped over an item or two, so that we could get the important things done tonight.  (I wanted to skip discussion of the proposed new co-op logo, as I didn't bring examples to the meeting.) Luckily, I was able to hold my own on a couple of items that were important to me - even if all we did was to defer discussion until after the new year.

The meeting ended at 8:15 pm - over an hour longer than we usually take for a monthly meeting. Afterwards, HWA and I gabbed for about an hour about current affairs, the recent election being one of them.  I told my friend that "Teapot Dome" will look good next to what I expect from this coming administration.  Given the blurred lines between the Trump family and their businesses, I see no way for the president to be to make decisions for the country which have negative effects on the family businesses.

But I don't want this to become a political blog.  There are enough embittered transgender folk out there, and I don't want to add fuel to their fears.  They have enough to be concerned about without illusions of false impending doom -or- false hopes regarding real threats. Instead, I prefer to focus on my "little" life, and deal with things one day at a time.

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