Monday, November 28, 2016

Quickie: Tappan Zee Bridges - Current and Future

Every day that I went work, I was treated to views of both old and new Tappan Zee Bridges.  And I find it amazing how quickly the new bridge seems to being built.  This is a sign of good project management, as I have not heard of any significant delays in the project.

One of the things I don't like about the project is that we will see a fare increase once the new bridge is in use.  Of course, our governor made sure that the project got underway - and said we'll deal with finding the money later on.  This is not so bad in a state like New York, as we are Schizophrenic by nature.  Upstate New Yorkers hate the idea of spending any money down here, as they don't see the benefit to the state as a whole.  Folks who live near New York City see upstate as a bunch of leeches who don't carry their own weight.  This problem has existed since colonial times, and will likely never end as long as New York is a single state.

New York is doing many things right on this project.  They will be switching fare collection to EZ-Pass and customer billing, as they have on the Henry Hudson Bridge.  There are no toll collectors there, and traffic moves smoothly.  New York is hoping for similar results with a much more traveled route - as they can't afford for the construction zone to be a bottleneck.

You may ask - what does this have to do with me being transgender?  The answer is - Not Much!  However, I do use this bridge when I go off to make my New Jersey shopping trips, as it is the most direct link between me and the women's clothing stores I go to in New Jersey.

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