Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Quickie: Laundry Room

This layout is similar to the configuration of washers and dryers that my doorway shares with the one next to it.  There are two washers and two dryers shared between each set of 12 apartments in my complex.  When someone has a lot of laundry to do, it can cause problems for other residents - as no one wants to walk over to the next pair of entrances and use their machines.  Just as bad, when one machine goes out, it can put a big crimp in everyone and their laundry needs - as just happened tonight.

Recently, I decided to look at shoes at The Avenue and inspect bras at Lane Bryant after skipping out on a meetup I could have attended.  By the time I had visited my quota of stores for the day, I had a little bit of stomach irritation - so I figured that I'd go home.  Of course, this meant that I'd have to contact BXM to tell her that the night's plans were off.  Luckily, she was bushed from her activities, so it was all as well....

When I got home that day, I started to do laundry and got two loads in.  However, one of the washers stopped accepting cards around 8:00 pm.  So that means I'll have to use the other machine for my next load of laundry when it finishes - and not be able to get everything done until after 10:00 pm.  AARGH!  I hate cutting things close - especially, when the machines stop accepting payments after 10:00 pm, forcing me to wait until the next day to do laundry....

One thing I realize - If I go full time as Marian, I'll have to be careful in the summer - as I don't want to get overheated because of my wig...  (Hopefully, they will have a "cure" for male pattern alopecia soon!!!)

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