Saturday, November 5, 2016

Problems with blogging and other things of note

As I was preparing last night's original entry, the blogger software malfunctioned, and erased my original scheduled post.  This tends to happen on my system for some unknown reason, and I deal with the risk of this malfunction in a couple of ways. First, I often copy the data I need into a clipboard, so that if it gets lost, I can easily copy it back. Second, I often have a few pre-written entries ready to go, so that I can quickly schedule a replacement entry for that day.

What I originally planned to write was a "Quickie" post.  Usually, when I write a "quickie", I expect that it will be a short entry that notes a single event in my transgender life. This entry went on a little longer than expected, and I was going to take off the "Quickie" label. Sadly, I lost the entry due to a malfunction in Blogger.  (When one gets the product for free, why complain?)  This has happened more than enough times, that I have gotten used to the problem. Yet, I wish that the folks at Google would prevent the problem from occurring.

- - - - - -

On other matters....

Today, I had my annual physical.  My doctor keeps trying to get me to lose weight. This time, he wants me to avoid carbs whenever possible.  If this were easy for me, I'd have done it already. Unfortunately, he didn't recommend that I see a dermatologist for the dark spots on my face. But he did make sure that I got my yearly flu shot.

After the doctor's appointment, I took it easy most of the day. Shortly before I was to meet Lili for dinner, showered and shaved again before doing my makeup and going out as Marian.  We decided to eat at Holy Smoke in Croton, and the dinner was less than we expected. First, the meal came without the dishes we'd eat the meal on.  Then, the sweet potato fries were lukewarm, instead of being fresh and hot. And finally, the brisket was dry and devoid of flavor.  This was a great disappointment. The next time we see the owner of the joint, one of us will tell him about the less than satisfactory experience.

We finished dinner a little too late to see a movie.  Both of us wanted to see "BOO! (A Madea Story)".  There is something about Tyler Perry's Madea character that I like, and I think it's because Madea is scripted as a woman who won't take any guff from anyone. Gradually, Perry is gaining a white audience, and I think it will be because of people like him that white people start identifying with black people as movie leads. (I can imagine the day that a little white girl says that she wants to grow up to be a woman like Madea, and the parents being proud of her for that.)  Madea is a beautifully flawed character, but it is in her flaws, the beauty of the character comes out.

Lili left, and I decided to take a little drive.  My phone was having its usual problems, and I lost signal several times while trying to talk with my brother. I ended up at Barnes and Noble, where I sipped some iced tea while reading a book.  By the time the store closed, I could have hung out and seen the late showing of "BOO!".  Instead, I figured I'd go out and do some food shopping before GFJ comes over tomorrow afternoon.

- - - - - -

When I got back home, GFJ called.  And we were on the phone for most of her trip from a friend's birthday dinner to her house.  She surprised me - she's going to do a cookout next weekend, and it looks like I'll be visiting her at her place for a change.  That'll be a nice change of pace.  But I'll have to make sure that I have some sweats to use as Mario mode jammies....

PS:  GFJ changed her mind about the cookout.  Given how her foot is still feeling, she'll do something like this in the new year, using the outdoor grill while her friends eat inside.

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