Friday, November 11, 2016

Lunch with the ladies and games with the group.

I love being accepted by women as a peer.  There is something about how women socialize among themselves that I'd hate to give up, including my recent kerfuffle with one of the members of the Whine and Dine. Today was one of the pleasurable times I got to socialize with women, and I cherish this daytime group in the same way I did with the group up North.

- - - - - -

According to my calendar, my cleaning lady was supposed to come today. As a result, I had to prepare for her visit by removing most of the most obvious signs of Marian from view, save for the one picture I have on top of my living room entertainment center. I figure that this one picture gives my cleaning lady the idea that I have a girl friend, and should explain the presence of feminine things around the apartment.

After cleaning up the place for the cleaning lady, I left the apartment for a 12:30 pm lunch in Hartsdale. There were only 5 of us at lunch, but I think I made a valuable new acquaintance. This lady, T, came late, and we ended up chatting about volunteer work. We exchanged email addresses, and I have a place to go to on Monday to find out about the type of volunteer efforts that will get me out and about and meeting people as Marian.  This doesn't mean that I will stop trying to find out whether my help is needed at NPW. It will simply give me something extra that helps me develop my Marian persona into a fully developed woman.

- - - - - -

When I was done with lunch, T and I went next door to the Christmas Tree Shop, where I bought some tortilla chips for game night. The two of us parted ways, and then I moseyed down to Yonkers, where I could do some reading at Barnes and Noble and maybe see a movie.

While at Barnes and Noble, I received an email from GFJ.  It seems like she slipped on the floor at her lawyer's office and had to be rushed to the emergency room. Although there were no significant injuries, she was bruised, and she had to reschedule her meeting with the attorney prior to a court date next week. Both of us played "telephone tag" with each other, but we finally got the chance to talk with each other before I went to play games.

The lack of sleep from the night before was starting to catch up with me, so I pulled into a parking lot near Cross County Shopping Center so that I could nap for an hour or so before game night. This was just enough rest for me, as I was wide awake before playing games. And, believe it or not, I was there on time for a change!

Two of the people on my Facebook page asked me about my apologetic posting of a couple of days ago, and I explained the situation.  They supported me, but what would you expect of people who were not in the middle of things?  But for the most part, we played games.  And the one game I was enthusiastic about playing, Zombiecide, was fun for all - and the group won.

- - - - - -

Given that GFJ was not going to be here until Saturday night, I could have scheduled an evening with the Cat Lady.  But given the choice of a meal with her as Mario and a Chinese dinner with the gals as Marian, what do you think I chose?

More tomorrow....

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