Sunday, November 27, 2016

Half a day en-femme is better than none

Sometimes I feel like I'm two people living in the same body.  First, is Mario, the male who did well in his career, but never was really at ease with people.  Second is Marian, the female that seems to charm people because she is never perceived as a potential threat, and whose words often bring smiles to other women's faces.

Today, GFJ was going to her cousin's for a family get together.  For me, this meant that I could have a day (mostly) en-femme that I could use to go shopping and/or visit friends.  Given that I didn't get out until after lunch, it made much more sense for me to go shopping and see if a particular dress was still available at Catherine's.

Sadly, this dress wasn't available for me to look at when I got to the store in Paramus.  But I think I know why Vicki didn't like it - the dress has to be hand washed, and this is a big annoyance.  While there, I looked around, and the only thing I might have been interested in was not in my size, and I probably wouldn't have bought it if it fit me.  However, I may have had an almost encounter - and I won't find out until my next exchange of emails.  I think I may have been looking at back of the head of the "Cat Lady" (she is a plus sized cisgender woman), and I don't think she got a glance at me.  If she were to have seen me and not recognized me, I would have had a quick and polite woman to woman chit chat, and then quickly exit the store.  As I left the store, I wrote a quick email to the "Cat Lady" to say hello and see what she was up to.  I figure that if she thought it was me, I'd hear from her.  And if not, it'd be a pleasant email to receive on a slow weekend.

Next, it was off to The Avenue to browse around.  Here, I tried on a faux leather coat (pictured below) that I'd be interested in if I could justify the extra cash.

Unlike dresses, I often take a larger size when buying women's coats or jackets.  If they had this coat in my size, I may have broken down and bought it if the coat fit.  It felt nice, and the idea of fake leather didn't bother me.   And it would have been a good addition to my closet if I could have justified the money I'd have spent on it.

When done there, it was my long trip back home.  It seems like the Tappan Zee Bridge was backed up several miles, and it made sense for me to take a more relaxed way home via the Bear Mountain Bridge.  Did I save any time?  Absolutely not.  But I felt better than if I had gotten stuck in a 5 mile long traffic jam - and that was exactly what I needed to close out my day in Marian Mode....

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