Thursday, November 3, 2016

Breakfast with Maria

My first thought when I saw this picture was: "Do I have two chins or three?"  But I was glad to have Maria take it, as I was getting tired of taking selfies inside my apartment with a timer.

- - - - - -

It's been months since since I've seen Maria, and a lot has happened in our lives since we last met.  She is still dealing with issues related to her daughter and grandson, as well as rebuilding a car for personal enjoyment.  I told her about losing my job, and she offered to send me links for some job openings she knew of. Breakfast went all too quickly, and yet it was just as well.  Maria did much of the talking, and I realized that although we are friends, our lives have gone on very different paths since we worked together over 25 years ago.  She has become a once divorced grandmother who may end up raising her grandson, and I became a widower who never had children.

When we were done with breakfast, I took a long drive and ended up in Danbury, CT. In a building which once had a branch of The Avenue, there was a Lane Bryant. And it was there that I tried on a sweater dress that I wish I could justify buying.

It's a very comfortable dress, and one I could easily wear into the winter.  It's casual enough to be worn on game nights, and yet, I could see wearing it to a volunteer job.  After trying on this dress, it was back to my car, and across the street to the new location of The Avenue, where I tried on a couple of blazers.

The above blazer had potential, but it was a little too tight on me. what made things worse was a sales lady who wanted to make a sale, but didn't provide honest criticism on the fit of the garment.  If they had the garment in another color (such as black or burgundy) and in the next size up, they might have had a sale, as the price was right.  But a poorly fitting garment only draws negative views on the woman who wears it, and I didn't want to be that woman.  If it were like the blazer below, I might have been happy, but again, none in my size or color choice.

Being a T-Gal makes it much harder for me to get clothing that makes me look good.  I think that having a classic style of dress tends to help me be accepted as a women.  Blending in allows other women to accept me for who I am, and allows the rest of an imperfect female presentation to finish the job of enabling others to take that leap of acceptance.

- - - - - -

Once done trying on clothes, it was time to go back home. I took the long way from Danbury back to Croton, driving through Ridgefield, CT.  It was nice to see these roads again, as even in highly populated areas, there are pockets of semi-rural beauty.

Getting home, I stripped off my dress and tried to take a nap. I found it amazing how many junk calls came in during the day.  One of these calls was from a scam artist claiming he was from Windows Technical Support.  If I had my old Nook fully charged, I'd have had the scammer send me a link to his scam site, and clicked on it from my Nook.  The scammer would have gone nuts trying to find any useful information on the site. Instead, I told the jerk that I owned a Mac, and he went away.  Next was a political call from someone who was for a "pro-life" candidate.  When she wanted to know my opinion, I said that I prefer my babies well roasted.  She dropped the call awfully quickly. There was another scam call that came in, and I didn't even bother to pick up the phone on that one.

- - - - - -

Shortly before I was about to fall asleep and finally enjoy a nap, my brother called - and we got into another one of our daily discussions.  We think we have the plumber we want to do the house. However, we now have to get a building permit, because my brother took the Sheetrock down in the bathroom. But there is an exception to the rule requiring a licensed contractor to do the reconstruction work. And that is that a resident of the house can do that work himself. So my brother made the family homestead his legal residence for the duration of the rehabilitation effort, and will switch his residence back to his house when we're done.

- - - - - -

I was finally able to nap around 6:00 pm, and woke up again around 9:00 pm.  Of course, this means that it didn't make any sense for me to go out again. So it was off with the bra and falsies, and into a comfy nightshirt for the rest of the night.  And no, I won't give you pictures of me ready to sleep.

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