Sunday, November 13, 2016

A trip to the store that saved us $120.00!

Two appliances.  Together, they can add up to some serious money when furnishing a house to be rented out. And we already had to delay delivery on these units, as the kitchen is nowhere ready for us to install them.  This was a very fortunate coincidence for us, for reasons I'll explain later.

- - - - - -

My original intent was to get out of the house as early as possible, work with my brother on the house (which included the moving of radiators, the cleaning of radiators, and the painting of radiators) where I'd be wearing clothes that I could dispose of once they got messy.  If this were the old days, I'd have several pairs of trousers whose crotch area was almost worn out, and have no problem tossing them when finished with our messy work. But now that I wear female clothes on many weekdays, my male clothes are not wearing out as fast as they did before. So, I dressed in the one pair of trousers I could dispose of, and traveled down to Long Island.

On the way to Long Island, I had a severe intestinal discomfort - as if I were kicked in the kidney by a horse. It was so bad that I exited the highway, and pulled over to the side of the road to rest a bit.  When things eased up, I continued my drive to Long Island. My brother called me shortly before I reached the point of no return, and I told him how I was feeling and that I feel good enough to complete the trip.

I got to the house shortly after the plumber arrived, and my brother handed him a check as a good faith down payment for the work he'll be doing for us.  (The plumber will take care of several of the permits we need, making things much easier for us to move forward with our project.)  He explained what he'll be doing, and noted that the other plumber was padding his estimate as a way of saying - "I don't really want this job.  But if you pay me enough to make it worthwhile, I'll do this extra, and unneeded work to justify the extra expense."

It had gotten too late for us to start on the messy work, so we decided to take a drive and look at the type of tile we want to use for the kitchen backsplash and in the bathroom. We didn't find a good tile place on either Hempstead Turnpike or Sunrise Highway. But we did find a good seafood joint where there was little atmosphere and great food - Bigelow's Seafood. Just don't expect anything that isn't fried there, unless you want the soup.  The place doesn't have the greatest of atmosphere. But that shouldn't matter if you want fresh seafood.

About $70 later (we both ate a gigantic seafood platter and tipped very well), we went to Home Depot, a lighting store, and then Lowe's.  Choosing tile for the kitchen backsplash isn't that easy when one is not exactly sure of what everything will look like when the work is complete. So we got some ideas, and decided to hold off making a decision for a while.  Next, it was looking at light fixtures, and we got a few ideas.  Of course, it was another "let's hold off making a decision for a while" situation. And lastly, it was to Lowe's, where my brother bought the appliances.  We did a price check, and my brother noted that we paid about $120 more than the stove and refrigerator cost now. So it was off to customer service, and the clerk said: "We own them!"  What she was saying (in her humorous way) is that since the store didn't yet deliver the product, they are responsible for giving us the current, lower prices for the stove and refrigerator if we ask for them.

At this point, it was time to go home, and wait for GFJ.  Although I said that I'd be home by 6:00 pm, I didn't reach the house until 8:30 pm.  Yet this wasn't a problem - she didn't leave her house until 9:00 pm.  So it looks like not waiting to eat may have been the right decision for me.

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