Monday, October 17, 2016

The shortened long weekend

Originally, GFJ planned to stay over from Friday to Monday.  Due to a doctor's appointment just scheduled for Monday, GFJ had to her weekend with me.  This is not as bad as it sounds, as it allowed each of us to get things done that we'd avoid doing if we were together.  (It also gave me an unexpected day to get back to being en-femme, and will be covered in a different entry.)

- - - - - -

Friday was not much of a day to remember. DCD failed to come over, as he claimed that he made a mistake in his children's school schedules, and that he had to take care of them during the day.  Although this could be true, I'm inclined to think that he was withdrawing into his shell again, and simply wanted to stay home. Later on, GFJ came over, and we had a nice time chatting at the local park.  The weather was perfect, and though we didn't need our windbreakers when we arrived at the park, it was nice to have them with us by the time the sun went down.

GFJ's foot being in a "boot" does get in the way of things.  After going to the park, we went to the local pizzeria and ate well (for me, too well). Both of us would have liked to go for a little walk after eating so much food.  This, sadly, was not possible for GFJ, so we took a little drive instead. The weather was still nice, and it may be one of the last chances we have to get outdoors without heavy coats to keep us warm.

- - - - - -

Saturday was a little better.  GFJ and I took it easy all day.  Then, she had the idea of seeing a local group perform at the Putnam County Golf Course. Normally, I would not be in the mood to do this, I figured that it would be a good change of pace for us. So off we went, with iffy weather in mind, to the venue (which was 5 minutes from Lili's place). The band, The Amish Outlaws, was a decent covers band, and one could dance to most of their music is one didn't have a boot on her foot like GFJ.  So, instead of dancing, we sat down - and got our money's worth of the BBQ they were serving at the venue.

As I've said before, food is both my friend and enemy.  Saturday was no different for me.  There was way too much good food at the venue, and I ate too much at one sitting.  To stay awake, I decided to take a walk along one of the cart paths at the golf course, and went as far as I could before turning back. This was a good move for me, as I had no problem staying awake for the rest of the evening - especially after the second set ended, when the coffee I drank a few minutes before started to kick in.

- - - - - -

Sunday was a quiet day broken up with phone calls from my brother.  He wanted to report status on the homestead renovation, and woke us up twice.  I'm very glad that my brother is buying an extra 12" cabinet and storing it for potential future use.  He realizes that it will make sense for us to plan for the installation of a dishwasher when we're ready to sell the house at some future date.

Neither GFJ nor I had any energy to do much of anything all day.  And if she didn't have to go to the doctor tomorrow for one more exam (and test), she'd have stayed another day. But her schedule and mine dictated that this would be our last night together for a while, and as Shakespeare said: "Parting is such sweet sorrow."

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