Sunday, October 2, 2016

Quickie: A total mess

Right now, I don't have this much of a mess in my apartment.  But it feels that way.  

One of the problems of tidying up a place is that you often have to make it even more messy while you organize things to make it neat again.  My place is in the middle of the process.  After having to move things around to get at an area of one room, I decided to start tossing out stuff. At the same time, I decided to start cleaning my out-of-season clothes and putting them into storage bins for the season.  So I have a mess both in my bedroom and in my living room. And I've decided to retire some oversized storage bins, replacing them with bins of a more manageable size.  So clutter spans my entire apartment.

"It could be much worse," I keep saying to myself.  But it doesn't make anything better.  I must put dresses, tops and bottoms away for the season and unpack other clothes for the current season. And I have to do this during the week when I'm most tired and exhausted.  

You can see why I didn't want to come home some nights....


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