Sunday, October 30, 2016

Quickie: Such a Nasty Woman

Yes, today's entry is political.

As a transgender female, I am offended by Donald Trump and how he treats women.  His marriages are to trophy wives, picked not because of their intelligence, but because of their looks.  He showed no respect for Hillary Clinton during the debates, and called her a nasty woman as an insult, trying to denigrate her by abusing his role as an alpha male.

Women have a built in disadvantage in many fields.  Females sound shrill when talking over men, simply because they speak in a voice an octave higher than most males.  It's much harder for a woman to command with authority, as we have been raised in cultures of male dominance.  To gain power, many women learn to speak in a lower register, and in a slower speed.  The late Margaret Thatcher was a perfect example of a woman doing this, as her voice changed in subtle ways from the beginning of her career to the end of her career in British politics.

Hillary Clinton earned my respect during the three presidential debates, and afterwards at the Alfred Smith dinner.  As news reporters said, they never knew it was possible for a presidential candidate to lose this dinner, but Trump did so.  It's amazing that at the end of Trump's shtick, he stopped being funny, and started to show how bitter he was in regard to Hillary Clinton. By comparison, Hillary was much more acceptable, as she didn't trash Trump in the same way that he tried to trash her.  She showed a certain class under fire - something I'm not sure that I could do in her shoes.

Is Hillary nasty?  Probably not.  But I wouldn't want to be on the wrong side of her.  I doubt that she will do that much for us transgender folk. Yet, I am much more confident that she will not actively do anything that could harm us - as Trump might do.  Hopefully, we'll see a side of her as president that has been denied us in the past.  If not, I'll be comfortable knowing that someone who has not had to deal with the "testosterone poisoning" that often makes someone needlessly aggressive and unstable.

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  1. I agree. Not just because I feel that my trans existence may be jeopardized by a "President Trump" but because this man is just not a nice person in any way. Candidate Clinton may not be the perfect choice for anyone but I think she may be the best remaining candidate for everyone. I am very worried about our country, regardless of the outcome of this election. People need to be working together to make our country stronger. I think anyone who wishes to work against the betterment of the nation needs to be charged with treason.